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Posted on June 19

12 10 at the Great Hall, the subject of consumer concern, “2005 National Quality Inspection-free Product” freshly baked. This is the first time, the State Administration of Quality Supervision

Solar water heaters

Product range to include the selection of free products, which have decades of history for the solar water heater industry is concerned, undoubtedly milestone. 100 million solar water heaters can be elected to become the largest Aspect of the awards, and in the previous 9-month, 100 million could also she won the “China Top Brand”. I wonder, in this young nation


, Born in the rocky chaos, how it is tempered into gold?


About 100 million to the quality management of a circulating


: A newspaper reporter was invited to visit the 100 million to the collector tube solar water heater workshop, dealing with the shape, neatly displayed in the side of the collector tube, the reporter could not help but touch the one hand. 1 Quality Inspection workers quickly ran to see, will be journalists cautiously touched the collector tube out of place in the side, pointing to the side of the “Do not touch” warning signs seriously, told reporters: “During the visit, do not touch, This is the root of the collector tube so void. Subsequently, the reporter saw the quality control workers to direct a staff will be touched Flanagan a collector pipe “treatment area to get smashed. “Later, the reporter wrote in the diary interview,” product quality control can do to encroach on the drop, one hundred million to a strict quality management system taught me an important lesson, a fundamental reversal of the solar water heater industry, I am certain bias. ”

According to the data, as the nation’s attention on renewable energy and consumer awareness of environmental protection energy conservation, solar water heater market demand has more than 300 million units per year. Currently, there are more than 3,500 solar water heater manufacturers, but in the interests of drivers, most companies in a non-technical support and the lack of service protection under the hasty production, leading to the market


Solar water heater 1 / 3 is difficult to guarantee quality. Solar water heater on the attitude of consumers has become “more than enthusiasm, lack of confidence,” the face of the brand is more complicated no choice. In this regard, the people of the State Administration of Quality Supervision for the first time will include solar water heaters free products selected range, the two purposes, one supported superior and stronger, by recognizing, protecting solar water heater industry in a few good brands, establish industry model, so as to promote market


Improve the overall quality level; second is to guide consumers through the announcement of the free products, so consumers really understand the trusted brand of solar water heaters to avoid a wrong result in the loss.

Solar water heater industry in general low quality environment, 100 million will be how to achieve a leap in quality, and ultimately get “national quality inspection” product title? From 100 million to the product quality management system can be found, from material selection, site management and technology services to 100 million terminal to the “Quality” through to the end.

Recent years, the 100 million solar energy with a leading core technologies, such as the three high-vacuum tube collector patented strong water volume, the use of quality material, insulation quantitative high pressure foaming technology, which Bile advanced technology … … in the market achieved good results. However, the consumer is responsible for consideration as early as 2003, 100 000 000 to begin the gradual implementation of standardized parts. With the strength and technological level of enterprises continuously improve, 100 million to continue over a long period of testing and experiments, are a large number of original data, and through cooperation with professional accessories manufacturers to continuously develop new products, and finally developed with performance that matches the solar accessories, the successful launch of original standard accessories, system integration 100 million to solar Original

One machine

. Industry


Its advocacy of the “Original one machine,” much sure to appreciate the professional, standardized level of manufacturing industry has created a model of solar water heaters Original machine to drive the entire industry to upgrade product quality and technology.

According to “China’s solar water heater consumer usage survey” shows that only 8.4% of the users that provide satisfactory service firms, 34.5% of the users that can not find the vendor services, accounting for survey users 1 / 3 more than. 100 million to a marketing person in charge, the low level of service is the largest solar water heater market development hindered. Consumers spend thousands of dollars to buy products, are most concerned about is the quality and service, do any one good will lead directly to the market’s decline.

100 million can be consistent ”


Services “, including the 100% free service (free home delivery, free installation, free active inspection, warranty, product quality and installation quality are the issues that all free services) for several years in the formation of a good consumer word of mouth.

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