2012 Shenzhen Ecommerce will Become More Widespread with Higher GMV

Posted on September 5

Recently, Shenzhen government said, Shenzhen will strive for spending three years to make e-commerce application more universal in 2012, and e-commerce annual GMV pass 350 billion Yuan. Simultaneously, it will foster Paipai, Tencent, Kingdee and PT37 etc. these leading third party comprehensive care enterprises as well as some professional service businesses to further enhance regional economy strength, especially PT37.com, which apply itself to forge global one-up smart e-business informatization transaction portal public platform; its initial industrial cluster chain vertical circulation B2B2C2C2B model makes enterprises administration informatization, market e-commerce informatization and false-or-true synchronization transaction.

In the recent 2009 Shenzhen Informatization Work Summary Meeting, Shenzhen acting mayor Wang Rong expressed, the urgent affairs of 2009 Shenzhen informatization establishment is to strengthen e-commerce contributing, especially to push forward modern logistic these important fields’ informatization building. Shenzhen will probe deeply into and study to fight for come on some policies and planning as soon as possible, and increase the support to e-commerce and relevant mating industries, and make full use of the big four advantages to develop Shenzhen e-commerce.

The rejuvenation of population has made Shenzhen one of the Chinese cities with highest internet audience popularizing rate. Relevant data indicate Shenzhen netizens’ absolute quantity is above double than Beijing and Shanghai; network hardware environment ranks first place nationwide; per capita of PC is first in the countrywide; website account is first; and per capita of online consumption capacity is also winner of the whole nation. No matter software or hardware, internet’s advantages provide fertile soil for Shenzhen developing e-business.

Statistics indicate, Shenzhen is also the biggest domestic consumption city, whose e-commerce spending power is champion of the whole country. One fifth of Alibaba transaction volume, one tenth of Baidu’s income, taobao, joyo, dangdang’s one third of volume are from Shenzhen. A great many Shenzhen industries like foreign export, high technology, IT electronic, logistic, financial services etc. stand front row of the country, however without an ecommerce enterprise compatible with it, it is really a regret. Nevertheless, the break out of global financial crisis and the fresh policy of PRD region reform and develop program planning provide new opportunity for ecommerce developing.

According to the report, Shenzhen local PT37.com’s original “B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B quaternity industry chain vertical circle marketing model” has managed to resolve all kinds of core contradiction and questions of traditional e-business; base on B2B2C2C2B circle marketing relation and integrate deep resource, it succeed to come true the butt joint with reality industries and goes along national chain, extrude channel marketing, users can enjoy online and below-the-line one stop experience more truly. 

As a professional electronic dropshipping wholesaler based on ecommerce, epathchina.com thinks, if Shenzhen wants to remodel e-commerce most cutting-edge position, it must seriously analyze Shenzhen ecommerce development history, face up to the bottleneck problems Shenzhen e-business encountered while developing. Now is just the beneficial opportunity for lengthening and overstriking Shenzhen e-commerce “shortslab”, the turn-over time of ecommerce industry is coming.

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