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Looking for cheap hosting services? Look no further. allQoo.com is your best choice. We offer the best, most affordable web hosting offers on the market. If you are looking to start up a website, this would be the place to start. Regardless of the size of your budget, you will find the cheapest web hosting solution. Our hosting plans give best value for your money, but also on service and usability. All our plans also offer FREE SETUP.

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The cheap web hosting market in the recent years has grown tremendously; increasing competition in the segment. For the buyer, this has been a positive change with lower prices and increased capacity and services, but unfortunately some less serious actors have appeared on the market looking to make a quick buck. You can always find a cheaper host next hour surfing the web. But many of those vendors come and go very fast. Our business is established since 2002. We are here to stay by offering quality service and lots of creditability.

One might think that budget hosting means a compromise in quality. This could not be further from the truth in allQoo. The reason for the low prizes is that we split the expenses amongst a huge number of users, resulting in each user only paying a fraction of the total cost. Additionally, we offer a wide range of advanced feature building service as our customers’ business grow.

allQoo is specialized in making commercial web sites. Whether you need a simple static web page only serving as your online business card, an online shop with thousands of products in multiple categories (aka e-commerce site), a standard web with descriptive pages and file downloading section(s), a blog, a photo gallery, a feature-rich email-ticketing system, or a mix of everything, we can build for you.

With allQoo.com, you are simply get more for less.

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Special Offers to eBay & Other Online Sellers

eBay is charging US$1 for every dozen of images hosted by them. You can hardly grow into a volume powerseller with this kind of fee tied on you. allQoo has recently set up a new free image hosting service to help your eBay business grow easier:


The site allows direct linking to external sites so you can use your photos on any online selling platforms or chat forums. Our system can track how many time your photo is viewed and give you full control to add/delete your own submission.

Still if you are growing to have hundreds of product listing, that kind of free hosting tool does not give you an efficient user interface for bulk-mode operations. One of our customers is selling on eBay. They are having over 1,000 items actively listed any time and as many inactive items awaiting for stock resumption. We built an image gallery for them with a desktop photo uploading tool.

We used only a day and charged US$50 to build that gallery on our $9.6/mo hosting plan, very afforable. Contact us if you want one for you.

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