Google Chrome’s Nightly Builds Get Updated Automatically

Posted on September 18

We’ve been tipped off that Google has been releasing nightly builds of their new Google Chrome browser like crazy. It’s been reported that up to 10 nightly builds a day are being released for Chrome. That’s a lot of updates to keep up with and we have to admit we’re surprised at the pace in which Google is releasing these builds. However, the builds do not come with automatic updates or notifications for new build releases. A developer has taken the time to throw together a simple and efficient solution.

Google Chrome Nightly Builds Checker

Dirhael, a DonationCoder user, has taken the initiative to release a portable checker for Chrome nightly builds. The application is more of an auto-hotkey utility that will not only let you know about the latest build, but also make sure the latest build isn’t broken. In doing so, you won’t waste time downloading builds that don’t work.

Saving Time and Bandwidth

The application will check for the latest nightly build and provide you with a link to download the build. You can choose between downloading the zip archive file or the executable installer for each build. What you don’t have access to is any information on changes made to a particular build. This shouldn’t be a problem for most users as Google hasn’t listed any of those changes anywhere for Dirhael to include them. If you’d rather not use the checker, you can always head to Google’s directory of the latest nightly builds for Chrome. With the amount of updates Google is putting out for Chrome, we’d recommend sticking with the checker in order to keep up. It’s small, simple, and a huge time saver.

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