Amazon and imeem: behind the apps

Posted on January 17

Some times ago we introduced a couple Android developers who shared how they built their Android apps and gave their insight into Android app development. This week, we have videos of two developers who’ve built music-related apps.

The first is of Allan Hsu—he wrote imeem’s Android app. A couple of things he mentions in his videos:

  • Using SQLite databases and regular expressions
  • Completing the app, including rewriting many of their Activities and web service API calls, in just 6 weeks.

The second video features Casey Langen—he wrote the Amazon MP3 for Android app. Things he mentions in the videos include:

  • Using Apache HTTPClient to download data from their servers. Also used ListView in all activities and the MediaPlayer for song previews.
  • Developers new to Android should get familiar with ViewGroups and how they’re implemented.

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