Adwords Display Ad Builder and Creative Generation

February 3

We’ll walk you through how you can answer this question using AdWords reporting and the , a tool that allows you to quickly and easily customize display ads and to run measurable experiments. Experimentation is not new to advertising, although the theories and ideas that inspired campaigns have evolved over time.

Ad Planner milestone – new look on its 1st birthday

July 3

Ad Planner celebrated its first birthday on June 24th, and what a busy year it’s been. Based on your feedback, as well as publishers sharing site data and Google Analytics traffic numbers, we’ve been able to continually innovate to provide you the most accurate data measurements for your media planning. To celebrate in style, we gave Ad Planner a facelift.

v13’s New Keyword Search Volume Info

December 4

AdWords API v13 ushered in a number of great new features, like exposing keyword quality score information, new report types, and support for more geo-targeting options. There is an additional new feature that received somewhat less fanfare, though: starting with v13, the getKeywordVariations()method of the Keyword Tool Service returns information about the average and last […]

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