Advanced WordPress Tricks and Hacks

February 13

If you have wandering around the web for a while you must have came across a WordPress blog, or whatever, saw something you liked, and questions like ‘how they did that’, ‘is that a plugin or hack?’, ‘where can I get those cool mods’begin to pop? Well, it’s really quite normal because many of us, […]

The World is Flat on Your WordPress

January 31

You must have seen web sites showing a world map with dots representing visitors from all over the world. Some people use it for decorative purpose and some showing off on its popularity. To us in allQoo it helps our client eshops to grasp a visual idea on where are their visitors coming from. This kind of little maps indeed have been powerfully shifting the sourcing directives of a few of our clients in FMCG (fast moving consumer products).

My Big Pinglist For WordPress Setting

January 17

I consolidated the following list from several places and am using the list for all my WP sites. The list includes a few servers in Japan. I am not sure if my bunch Asian language sites are better populated due to those Japanese pings. But I think there is no harm to make a longer […]

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