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Posted on May 6

Since 2002, B2B companies have started to focus on attaching advertisement to searching engines,especially Google. As the largest searching engine in the world, they have repeatedly mentioned with me in the face that B2B is like a wholesaler who disattract foreign buyers from Google, and then lease the advertising pitch one by one to small and medium enterprises, just like stalls in Yiwu. The money flows, but they are helpless in doing anything.

Take alibaba’s platform for example, many people believe that the boss of alibaba is Ma Yun, but the fact is not the case. The owner of Alibaba is Masayoshi Son and Jerry Yang. The power of capital turns Alibaba into a authentic Japanese-funded and American-funded enterprise, rather than private enterprise. It is estimated that in 2009, small and medium international enterprises have earned at least 4 billion yuan from China, compared with which, the money that google owns from agents and online service is worthless mentioning. Statistics is the best evidence, 57.3% of Alibaba’s visitors are from China, and most foreign clients visit Alibaba through search engine.

To foreign trade enterprises, the investment of network promotion is not a issue of price, but a issue of the rate of return on investment instead. As long as it is cost-effective, they will spend more money happily, on the contrary, if it is not a cost-effective investment, they will never invest, even though the money is a very small amount. For that reason, although Alibaba has been cut to 20,000, it is still not a cost-effective investment to many foreign trade enterprises whose advantage is no longer low price competition.

Since many foreign buyers of B2B come from the search engines, of which Google is the largest contributor. However, google cannot acquire large cash proceeds, so google has been ambivalent about a reason: what are the foreign trade enterprises thinking aboutï¼? Why not directly attach advertisements to google to attract more foreign clients?

I have analysed for a long time, combining the four years’ working experience in Alibaba and one year in Global Sources, conclude the following reasons:

First, google ignores the real business environment in China. Google is a company that relys on technical innovation, and his business model lives on the network. China’s reform and opening up has lasted only three decades, and internet has been in China for only about more than 10 years. Without Alibaba’s vigorous promotion and example, exporters might have had no idea of doing business on the internet. Most masters of companies in China are over 50 years old who hardly take advantage of the internet. They even know nothing about Google. How can they buy Google’s advertisement, and how to operate and execute on Google?

Second, Google is much too confident about the power of his brand, but ignores the fact that performance and results are determined by the quality of those agents who can contact foreign trade enterprises. Although having the world first-class market share and technology, having done a lot of marketing promotion, he forgets the fact that the decision-makers have no access to the internet and cannot directly touch the people from google. The result is determined by the agents’ understanding about awards products and foreign trade industry. It is so called double effort but half effect, which tells enterprises that investment in the wrong direction leads to no return of the object itself.

Google ignores its own channel management,and actual combat experience, these high-IQ and high-educated people are all educated professional managers, who come from all walks of life. They are not familiar with the characteristics and needs of foreign trade enterprises. So we should hold a mentality of learning together to support agents. China still regards SMEs as the most important basis. Therefore, they pay more attention to network applications, large enterprises tend to have a monopoly of resources, and they do not attach importance to the network. channel management understands business and management models but do not understand the market and clients’ needs. Exports have more money and are more willingly to spend money on the network. However Google executives do not distinguish between customer type, or have no people capable to execute this work.

Fourth, The cooperative fruits of agents are not so significant. Although there are agents in cooperation, they have inconsistent view of value. the two sides may be working together without having a right status of mind. Google should support those partners who who really want to run well, and subject to standardized management system. Lenovo’s early mentality and method in developing agents is worthy of learning. It relates to the company culture, and professional managers should be able to down to the line and sincerely care about users. However, Google holds a too high position, considering foreign trade enterprises must change the product model and service model, the charge that is about 10,000 seems to be too low for the agents to make money. So the agents would not like to cooperate with Google. Charging and profit model to foreign trade enterprises need great changes.

Fifth, he should focus on coming up with feasible solutions targeting competitors. Alibaba used to say that Google and Baidu will be his next competitors. Then how many people in google have attached importance to this? Because of historical reasons, many of Google’s counterparts are not competitive on the internet, which leads to google’s inherent pride. But in China the measureing standard is the offline business income. It is under this situation that those companies that do not look like a rival company are born with the help of Chinese team work. Despite it is a little humble, the fact that they have nibbled business opportunities and cash circle is indisputable.

Google is much too complied with “American rules” because of his identity of technical expert and too many programs and data that is based on the perspective of technology, which makes all the principles and systems cumbersome and boring. The other factor lies that google lacks changes. In a customer-service-oriented era, even KFC is changing according to Chinese consumers’ eating habits. Google needs to consider the fact that Chinese clients’ low quality in acquiring internet skills, and appropriately reduce the professional degree. Only by means of translating mathematics into Chinese can make company owners easily acquire and understand the value of buy his products. Changing with the clients is the fundamental for Google to obtain high return, and it is high time took proper care of the appetite of the rich foreign traders.

I have been in overseas promotion and contacting export companies for eight years. I am really anxious for them on seeing export companies do not know where to buy google and how to use google, while google cannot make the money that is in his market. I wonder why does Google’s executive level not hire me to be their managing consultant?

For that reason, I think backward, and stand on Google’s point of view to answer the question: Why should Google spend high salary in hiring me to be his managing consultant in the field of foreign trade?

First of all, I can help Google to make profits.Google’s proceeds all around the country are smaller than Baidu and Alibaba. Top managers lack effective thoughts and methods targeting foreign trade enterprises and export companies. As a company with such a resounding brand name, it is easy for Google to profit as long as having a right direction.

Second, spend less money wasted, waste less time and avoid detours. When using offline to develop foreign trade users, google is at lost. Because he has no successful experience for him to learn, so Google must rely on himself. It is natural that google will spend much wasted money and waste a lot of time in finding ways by himself. I have seen that Global Resources Corporation invited local packaging companies to reposition and package himself, hoping to reshape the image among China’s export enterprises, improve his influence and make achievements by means of foreign methods. But it does not work well. The problem can not be solved without finding out the root cause. They have special department and hire many people to analyse their competitors, they also spend millions in promoting, but they do not have a desired effect because of lacking experience. If you go the wrong direction, the more money you spend, the faster you die.

Thirdly, as a consultant, I can quickly help Google master systematic approach and participate in analysis and discussion according to special strategy and managing issues.

Most foreign companies in China are facing lack of acclimatization, I have intensively researched small and medium companies’ overseas promotion and development for eight years. Four years of sales and management experience in Alibaba and one year experience in Global Reources makes me familiar with differences in domestic enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises in contrast industry. With the communication and shares with 5,800 CEOs of foreign trade enterprises familiarizes me with first-line market, and can make appropriate solutions.

My current role is general manager of Alldao company, I understand the operation and growing disciplines of Chinese small and medium companies and know to empathy. If I were Google’s decision maker, I can not only find problems but also propose solutions in this specific market and product issues.

Finally, as a coach, I can help to guide the executing team.When you have an idea, the key is rapid implementation, so executives should understand the management’s intentions. They are afraid of wasting time rather than wasting money. Because it is a time that slow fishes are bitten by fast ones. Only you go to the very first, can you be invincible. I am good at guiding business teams and I like learning together with talented people.

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