Ceramic tile industry, tend to add new members of the soft-energy emissions

Posted on June 17

Soft ceramic tile look like? It really is the tile? When Fu Mei Co., Ltd. introduced the soft soft-paste porcelain tile grand debut, when it immediately became the focus of the industry. In the just-concluded Foshan Tao Bohui, the Fu-US soft to overturn the traditional ceramic tile in its alternative stance to become the largest exhibition highlights, stirred the ceramic industry, a surface of the pond, becoming the biggest winner.

    Ceramic counterparts lament: if I soft-ware technology, the lot ah!

    Soft ceramic tile not only attracted the majority of Chinese and foreign investors flocked to Texas, but also deeply attracted industry attention. The first day of the show, ceramic industry, a number of heavyweight corporate CEOs in person soft-paste porcelain stand, and fu, chairman of the U.S. soft-paste porcelain Co., Ltd. Mr. Shi Lei conducted in-depth consultations and friendly manner, showing a strong willingness to cooperate. In the event has not yet started when, many in the exhibit industry with the public on the emergence of the soft tile expressed his great surprise, they predict: “The emergence of the soft tile will be enormous pressure on the other exhibitors.” Exhibition booth in the soft tile hotbed of activity with the other booth wants to come, no doubt precisely should permit the prediction. Many dealers have heard of “soft tile” exhibition, a special trip to fly over to see the faster. Many in the industry experience to the soft flexible tiles, bent freely, soft and comfortable, actually can be done two-phase both wear thin, even if water is not slipping, Lian Hu, “Great,” they made no secret of saying: “If soft-paste porcelain technology is be nice to me ah! “a five-day exhibition, soft tile booth has been in a state of overwhelmed, interested in partnering with merchants flocked to the scene to negotiate on fire.

    Industry experts is certain: soft-paste porcelain technology in line with the modern ceramics industry, “Energy-saving emission reduction” direction of development.

    Soft-ware technology in 2006 from the United States EOSD company has introduced, mainly to solve three major issues: first, the soft clay tiles instead of using ordinary clay as raw materials, to solve the problem of clay resource shortages; second, soft tile will be fired The temperature was controlled at 400 degrees below the basic achievement of zero emissions, but also to save energy than traditional ceramic is about 80%, solve the ceramic industry has been facing the problem of pollution and energy consumption; third, soft-ware technology to the structure of the soil study, using light effects and physical upheaval technology allows mud to the formation of ordered network-like structure, becoming soft and flexible, innovative ways of solution to the traditional ceramic homogenization problems. China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, to accept, Mr. Secretary-General MIAO Bin Sohu interview, said: “From the direction of development of the industry, the soft-ware technology in line with the modern ceramics industry,” Energy-saving emission reduction “trend, which is our eternal theme, but also a new concept. Soft ceramic tile can be both unique to the advantages of wear-resistant to stains, it is also can effectively reduce the temperature, both energy and materials again, the industry is a very good thing. ”

    Competing media attention: the “soft tile” a household name overnight,

    From the media reports can also be seen, the soft ceramic tile industry has become a shining star. Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, the major television, radio, Real Estate, and other famous websites competing carried a report on the soft tile. “Tao City newspaper,” the South and many other TV reporters are in the exhibition booth come here to interview the soft tile, and this emerging industry, expressed heartfelt sigh. From the outset, people are “soft tile” in not knowing, and now easily search using Baidu “soft tile” that is, tens of thousands of piece of information appears “soft tile” a household name overnight. Knew the deep told reporters: “The media attention to the soft tile, of course, because it is a new product, more importantly, it is because of its superior features, such as flexible, non-slip anti-Chao, lightweight body is thin, it is from the subjects, to the recovery of the production process can be done very environmentally friendly, in line with the ceramic industry, the development direction of energy-saving emission reduction, this is the real reason for its concern. ”

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