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Posted on June 27

Present, China solar water heater manufacturers have more than 4000, China has become the world’s largest solar energy water heater manufacturers and consumers. However, behind the prosperity in the industry, enterprise defame each other, the phenomenon has a lot of abuse. Baidu net “Solar it,” “solar water heater bar,” this is a peer information exchange garden, but malicious “war of words” where it could be more straightforward. “Competing spirit” Su has been with the Zhejiang group strongly advocated the same, the solar water heater industry, this spirit is worth promoting.

Competing “content”

No absolute monopoly in the first-class brand before, to create a distinctive brand personality image of concern for many businesses. “Emperor Ming” With the capital strength navigator shape the image of the solar energy industry, advocacy Original one machine; “shine” in the establishment of a collector tube base, bladder base, frame parts base on the basis of a complete industrial chain to promote “health hot new move “;” Tsinghua Sunshine “to rely on a perfect vacuum tube technology, technical expertise established the image of solar collectors;” Hua Yang “committed to” energy at home, living home “… … 95% of the industry are SMEs, many even no production base, relying on the assembly of the product companies are advocating a “solar energy expert” and “water heater expert,” “collector tube technology experts,” and so on. Suddenly “experts” hat flying, against the feelings of consumers, affecting the credibility of the industry. The causes of this phenomenon is the emergence of some small and medium enterprises making profits, malicious competition, the lack of competing spirit.

What is competing? The author believes that “competing spirit” is not only talking about competition and cooperation, while emphasizing the spirit of division of labor also stresses collaboration, initiated by competitors with the industry standard and orderly competition and cooperation, and ultimately win business, sectors Xing purpose. Fast food industry, “McDonald’s” and “KFC” was able to win with the world, due to the competing spirit between them; mobile phone industry, Nokia’s candybar phone clamshell phone with other brands to worldwide popularity, due to their Concurrence between the spirit. Similarly, solar companies need to promote the spirit of competing, which trades for rectifying the market order to enhance the overall image of the industry, stability, their own development and achieve mutually beneficial trade with the win has important strategic significance. Solar energy companies due to product similarity between the great benefits and risks are similar, can carry counterparts. Through cooperation and exchange, advantages, and form a competitive landscape of the Commonwealth, to benefit the entire industry, fighting the international market, so has the independent intellectual property rights of China’s solar technology to go abroad and establish a national image. This is a solar water heater placed in front of the common business issues, is also a common responsibility and mission.

Strategy of competing

Competing companies competing first and foremost a strategic, not a strategic competing, then there is the line between the development and implementation of effective competing there is nothing. Chinese home appliance chain in the early development of Five Star located in 23 markets, Gome, Suning positioning in a market, they have emerged as the dominant Chinese home appliance sales channels, this is a business to business positioning in the market competing. Procter & Gamble’s SK-II, OLAY, Rejoice fully occupy the Chinese cosmetics market, which is the same between enterprise products and product positioning in the high middle and low competing.

Solar water heater enterprises can gain reference, solar water heater business strategy is highly competitive leading-edge technology research and development, cross-market customer base for such. The performance of a strategic cooperation agreement in the enterprise, exchange and develop industry standards, product differentiation and market choice and insist on such routes. Competing strategy implementation requires a single solar energy companies dropped the price of butcher’s knife, select the competitors in the regional market positioning, consumer groups, positioning, product features such as competing forms of selection. For example, the “light” products with high technical content targeted at high-end consumer groups, focusing on developing Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian, East China market and achieved rapid development; “Panda” is defined as “parity products”, for the low-end Consumers have a great temptation; Vantage rooted Guangdong, southern China market, using a regional brand to rapid growth; a number of small and medium enterprises located in rural markets, and capture the capacity of the largest consumer market in China, also achieved excellent results.

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