Chinese Search Engine Optimization: Basics & Benefits

Posted on April 16

In case you are looking to move forward in the Chinese territory and have your website translation done, the next step is to look at Chinese Search Engine Optimization. When you are looking to attract the China based customers it is crucial that you have the right kind of keywords to attract them. Hence the first part for your Chinese SEO after website translation is identifying and inserting keywords in your web site content as well as into the various tags. This is the basic work that you’ll do on your site for SEO, it lays a foundation for all activities that you’ll do further.

Once the above activity is completed you can move ahead in the process of optimizing your site for the Chinese audience. Unlike most other parts of the globe, it is not only Google SEO that matters in China, there is also an important element called Baidu SEO and therefore the strategy should be different. The bigger concern is that if you depend on Google they’ll suffer a setback in China because a majority of the users use Baidu for their online searches.

While you have to ensure that you can get a lot of relevant links from high page rank pages for your site to appear on Google, you just need to ensure that you have the maximum number of links in order to appear on Baidu for the particular keyword. All of this sounds as if you need to have a separate strategy for Chinese search engine optimization and that’s true as well but you can be sure of the fact that the benefits are also immense.

With Chinese search engine optimization you get access to the largest portion of the world population as every 5th person in the world speaks Chinese. Secondly, you are actually targeting a country that has not been immensely hit by the recent economic slowdown and has shown one of the highest growth levels in the past years. This means that the Chinese audience have increased their purchasing power and will be ready to shift to better products and services. This opens up a big market for you where the people have the right kind of purchasing power, which is very important for your business to survive.

Finally, a lot of businesses have not yet concentrated on the Chinese market and if you can start it now, you’ll surely get the first mover’s advantage. You just need to find a reliable Chinese search engine optimization company to help you out and ensure that you get the results so that you can make the most of the Chinese online audience.

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