Chinese Search Engine Optimization: Start Today For Better Results

Posted on April 14

If you are following the internet trends, you’ll see that the Chinese population getting on the web is ever increasing and the most populated country in the world is making a huge impact online. Chinese search engine optimization is a great way to reach out to an audience in China however it differs in some ways from the traditional SEO practices. It is important to be aware about the different protocols that can help you enhance your business reputation by starting Chinese SEO today.

The most prominent and probably the biggest difference between regular SEO and Chinese search engine optimization is the selection of the search engine. While in most places and for most regions, Google is the most effective source, it’s not the same in China. Baidu is the primary search engine used by the Chinese population and therefore your strategy should revolve more around the optimization process for this search engine. Though the search engine has a few elements that are not advanced as those of Google it seems to have the largest number of users in China.

One of the factors where your Chinese SEO for Baidu strategy will start to differ from Google is link building. While there is an emphasis on quality links from quality sources on Google, Baidu is merely focused on the number of inward links for a site. The quality and relevance for the links is not given a lot of importance which has ultimately led to a situation where site are stuffed with keywords and links are just spammed. In fact stuff like link exchanges and bulk linking that is not preferred by Google seems to work very well with Baidu. You need not be surprised if you see the home page of a well ranked site stuffed with links to other sites.

The next thing that you’ll have to concentrate on is creating Chinese content for the users. You have to ensure that the content is professionally written and at the same time it should contain the right keywords in Chinese that are popularly searched. Look for a professional Chinese search engine optimization content specialist company to help you with the task, in case you are not confident of doing it by yourself or in house. Even if you are able to write in Chinese but are not confident of the right keywords or placement and density, don’t take a risk.

Since there is so much of difference in SEO for Google and Chinese SEO, not a lot of players have entered the market. Looking at the boom in the Chinese economy businesses are bound to flock to the Asian country. Hence it will be a smart move if you start optimizing your site for the Chinese population today!

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