Chinese Website Translation: A Guide To International Exposure Online

Posted on May 2

Did you know that 20% of the world population speaks Chinese?                                            It is a proven fact and also no one can disregard the increasing number of Chinese speakers around the world. This gives you a very big reason to look forward to use the language to the advantage of your business. Chinese website translation is therefore a very important aspect for people who are trying to break into the international scene through the online medium.

Unfortunately a lot of people limit the Chinese website translation to the main pages of the site only however that is a big mistake. You have to look at the keywords used in the various titles and headers as well as the image and alt tags. Only when you completely overhaul your website in Chinese you’ll be able to ensure that you can get the required results from the online audience. At times people forget to get their error pages and redirect pages translated, this can work against your image because a customer who understands only Chinese will not be able t continue on your site. Therefore a complete English-to-Chinese website translation is absolutely must.

It is not only the existing Chinese audience that comes to your website benefit of this feature but this can be a great way to get a lot more Chinese viewers. With your website available in Chinese with the right keywords and language your website can also be ranked on Baidu, which is the most used search engine in the Chinese language. In China, Baidu is even more popular than the worldwide leader Google. This is a fair indication of the kind of benefits you can get from Chinese website translation.

All above mentioned points are clear indicators how Chinese website translation can help your business get international exposure online. Keeping this fact in mind, it is crucial that you can have an experienced provider serve you the right English-to-Chinese website translation. There will a lot of online visitors who might not be aware of your product or service or the brand that you own. It’s your online presence that makes an impact and in order to make a big impression it is crucial that your website has the right words to impress the visitors.

There are no shortcuts to success therefore do not think that a free translation service works well because most of the free providers are able to only translate word to word. At times the grammar is messed up and the sentences do not convey the message as you want. Be sure that whatever you serve to your audience is top notch, it is only then you’ll be able to get the best responses and drive business.

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