Clothing Weihuo rapid development of the market: "the envy of jealous hate!"

Posted on July 25

Recently, in a file very popular TV show to hear “the envy of jealous hate” is used. First time I heard, my first reaction was I was OUT. On the Baidu search, that this is a rhetoric, popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2010 a string of words, is a distillation of emotion, first admired, then jealous, and finally the hate, but the feelings of the sublimation is fast! Also emphasized, not to “jealousy envy hate,” separate from and not written as “envy, jealousy, hate,” or “envy jealousy hate”, it will weaken the effect of its expression, even to the flavor lost.

    I can not help but think of this costume Weihuo market a few years of rapid development. In early 2007, the first garment Weihuo to open at the capital market, after opening extremely strong, setting a three month sales of 20 billion market miracle. Suddenly, people envy the number of markets, but also attracted many professionals to do the wholesale business. In early 2008, nearly 40 various market to follow suit Weihuo market, but few sustained explosive.

    “Supply is the last word” – Wei Huo Liang Jiliang Daochuweihuo market one of the initiators of the essence. Market and consumers like to go to Wei Huo, because there is a real inexpensive goods. Whether it is the first day of blue clothing Weihuo market days, or later Julong trade clothing wholesale market, or the city of Zhengzhou, Jianwen Amoy exchange, just opened the city hand in hand Weihuo wholesale, not only to provide consumers with a wealth of goods, and maximize the faiths. White-collar workers like to Taobao, often to seasonal working-class, urban and rural people are happy to benefit. Those who do not learn the true meaning of the market Weihuo market, and some are still struggling to maintain, have long disappeared.

    Compared to the enormous professional market, Wei Huo size of the market a bit irrelevant. The market is bigger, but also thousands square meters, while several thousand square meters of small, but was able to gain on the market than many professionals. Relative to department stores, Wei Huo market is not a brand, but the market itself is a marquee name Wei Huo. In 3 years time, Wei Huo rapid growth of the market up, not only towards the capital, move into the Central Plains, industry standards, “Wei Huo market operation and management regulations” has been introduced in efforts to guide the development of the market, “Wei Huo business alliance” has brought together hundreds of Weihuo business. The near future, Wei Huo markets may also, under the South on the north, east and west, and stimulate greater market activity.

    A well-known department stores as a veterans group recently switched to a Weihuo market as a general manager, he may say, department stores are always a few brands in that round and round, and Wei Huo has more dynamic market, consumers face extensive and more challenging.

    Indeed, Wei Huo market, people jealousy envy hate it!

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