Different Glass Colors Do Not Represent Significant

Posted on July 29

The meaning of the color glass

Different glass colors do not represent significant

Pharmacist Crystal Tathagata by virtue of the willing “:” I would like to attain enlightenment, the afterlife, the body, such as glass, inside and outside Mincher, net flawless offensive. “In a sense, the glass is a kind of china gemstone wholesale personality, a spirit, a realm symbol. And plain glass sustenance of the people’s good wishes.

Green glass – security and peace on behalf of peace, life and happiness; useful to establish good relations with, can strengthen the courage, and melting deliberate exclusion of others. Purification with a powerful, ease pain and throat problems tracheal area. For frequent travelers and people who like to travel.

Purple glass – can raise IQ and EQ aphrodisiac. On behalf of the noble, elegant and progress; will help to improve their current state of self confidence. A person’s desire to suppress the function of a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. Can help the cause of love and success, can be used as tokens of love or celebration

Transparent (white) color glass – Buddhism boundless, appropriate to protect body to enhance vitality and viability of residential care, to keep optimistic state, on behalf of pure, fresh and light; evil evil block, can eliminate the negative environmental impacts the whole body to reduce body injury, to maintain a pleasant attitude. Protection Gear, immune to all disease; nursing home, Baidu Bu into. Is to give life a happy father of pleasure.

Blue Glass – can Jufu can bring luck, on behalf of clean, quiet and comfortable; can reduce stress, emotional stability, can improve their relations with others, to make more friends. On the bones, kidneys and the treatment of headache with a powerful force. For all those who need good luck.

Amber glass – the right and appropriate reminder of jewelry supplier money is the symbol of wealth, representing light, moderate and innovation; can support the projected energy authority, to enhance people’s decisive edge on the cause of a great role in the take-off can improve the nervous system . Strive for is, eager to succeed.

Purple and blue – the main in-depth exchanges, to get along smoothly

Purple and white – the white peace + good mood is a symbol of purity, and internal and external crystal of purple with even more elegant in the micro was squeamish. Is representative of charm, a touch of aromatic Qinru people, there are memory effects, that feeling is priceless and unforgettable love.

Purple and green – transforming leg, the green of life and to strengthen cooperation and there are purple with Auspicious functions, each has a powerful resonance energy cohesion, can to some extent to improve their own destiny

Amber and blue – the cause of a powerful reminder fiscal soft colors, on behalf of perseverance and faith, to improve response capacity. On behalf of a successful career, boundless wealth.

Amber and white – reminders financial officer has transported the gemstone wholesale king and noble qualities, reduce fatigue, control their emotions and to stimulate people’s memory, the main gathering wealth.

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