E-commerce expert, Farrah Grant joins Alibaba.com’s forums

Posted on October 15

E-commerce expert, Farrah Grant joins our “Ask an expert” forum from 13 October to 9 November 2008.

Every week she will answer your questions and offer great suggestions on the chosen theme. There will be a new them every week for four weeks:

Stage / Seminar Name

13-17 October 2008
Standards for business conduct: What areas need the most attention and how they affect your company

20-24 October 2008
The epidemic of fraud and scamming: How to combat perpetrators and take action when terror strikes

27-31 October 2008
Now, it’s time to actually make sales: How to regulate business with genuine clientele

3-7 November 2008
Catching the attention of prospective customers: What matters to prospects and how to manage those qualities

Farrah Grant is a new generation E-commerce professional and author of the newly released book, “Million Dollar Success on Alibaba.com”. She began exploring the E-commerce world in her early adolescence and has since applied her innovative techniques to various sects of the field.

Posting rules:

Please do read our rules, and keep all posts relevant to the topic of e-commerce

(1) Please add “Farrah” in front of your Questions (e.g. “Farrah” how do I avoid fraud online?). She will then reply to all your questions before the end of the weekend.

(2) Entry is free. All members who are active on the forums during the promotional period are automatically entered into our prize draw. We will reward these members with gifts at the end of the promotion.

If you would like to find out more about Farrah’s new book, “Million Dollar Success on Alibaba.com”, please visit: http://stores.lulu.com/farrahgrant and click on the orange title for a preview of the book.

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