Five years of quotes in Google News

Posted on November 7

We first launched quote extraction in Google News in April, offering you a way to browse quotations extracted from the past 30 days of news. While a great tool to see what people are saying on important topics and how they compare, it was missing something.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a 5-year quotes index. This expanded coverage lets you explore what Governor Palin said before she was a VP nominee, or Senator Obama before he was a presidential candidate. The InQuotes lab page is also much improved and now provides comparisons over time on issues like the economy or the war in Iraq.

Not interested in politics? Try the ‘Custom’ edition to select the people and topics of your choice. Baseball fans, for example, might enjoy Joe Maddon vs Charlie Manuel.

Posted by Jack Hebert and Natasha Mohanty, Software Engineers

Source: Google Enterprise

Category: Geeky Talks.


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