Google on the Top of the World Search

Posted on March 29

Google deserve to be called “Big G” or “Search Engine Giant” or any other similar phrase out there. With 37 billion searches in August, the market leader executed half of all search request around the world .

Yahoo comes second with 8. 5 billions searches followed by Baidu, the chinese language search engine (3. 2 billion), then Microsoft (2. 1 billion) and finally the korean NHN search engine with 2 billion. These figures collected by analysts from Comscore revealed that most search activities are based in the Asia/Pacific region. For the month of August, it represented 258 millions users carried out 20. 3 billions searches. Europe is the second region with the largest total of searchers with 210 millions users followed by North America with 206 millions users.

Focusing on the Asia Pacific region and due to the fact that this market has a huge potential it also has lead to some unethical changes conducted by the search engines. Some even are in contradiction to the first goal of the Internet – access of information. In China for example, Google, Yahoo, Msn have to obey to the strict Chinese laws controlling freedom of speech. This includes employing their own “monitors” to carry out government censorship orders and committing to remove any web pages that are considered politically sensitive. That shows that even these Giants of information have their Achille’s heels.

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