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Posted on September 3

Nightmare one: traffic jam

Beijing in the morning is known as “the city Parking Area”, full of buses, cars and taxis, none of which is willing to be after the other. Even a small gap on the road would become a place of strategic importance to all those “Road killers”, especially in Zhongguancun. Therefore, I always take out my mobile phone and check the real-time road condition by “Google maps” when I arrive at Wudaokou, if it is ok, I will transfer to bus to save time; otherwise, I will keep going with the metro for a big round. Today, at the same time, the same place, I put the same right hand into my pocket. God, without mobile phone…

Based on my experience, today would not be a traffic jam day normally, and I didn’t think bad luck stories would always come with me. So I tried my luck, but I was shocked by what I saw when I stepped out the metro, the cross-road was clogged with cars. Oh my dear bus 731, when would you come finally?

Nightmare two: being late

I was thinking of taking taxi instead, however, I could only see the heavy traffic with lingering horning at my ears. Waiting seems endless and helpless, but I could do nothing with that. Isn’t it a good idea to play the mobile phone game “city racing”? Maybe I can get through freely and quickly there. However, no matter how hard I tried searching in my pocket, I had to accept the fact that today is a day without mobile phone.

Actually not to mention the “city racing”, even the snake game in each low-end mobile phone could help to kill time. About 15 mins later, my long awaited bus 731 finally approached me slowly, but the road condition was not encouraging at all. Without mobile phone, without the sense of time, but I could judge from the expression and conversation of the people around me that being late is inevitable, and my full attendance bonus fell flat as well.

Nightmare three: helpless toilet occupant

If you don’t know what “toilet occupant” means, I have to say you are OUT again. There was one article called “ten mins break for the office workers–entertainment mobile phones in toilet recommendation”, in which it had clear definition for “toilet occupant”. Going to toilet for a while can be the relaxing moment during the busy work, but my tour this time was fully gloomy.

Being a normal office worker, “toilet occupant” is part of my daily courses. But today, I suddenly realized that I could skip it when I was under the choice of watching movies or playing games, because there was nothing left in my pocket except toilet paper.

Nightmare four: display one’s ignorance

Nowadays, communications industry is entering on a new age-3G, which enables surfing internet with mobile phone to be more convenient and efficient. Isn’t it a big waste if the service is left unused? In my mobile phone, searching function of Google & Baidu is always active, any problem occurs, search first! Of course “Any problem” also includes mental challenging puzzles and psychological tests with the female colleagues, thus I have a lot worshippers around.

Lunch time was chatting time like always, the girl beside me gave out an unprecedented mental challenging puzzle which made everyone at seat confused, and it seemed to be my turn to give a full play as what can be a problem to…my E51? Oh, where is my mobile phone? I could not give out the answer even I had wracked my brain.
“Stone, only you can solve the problem for us.”
“I… I don’t feel so well today…”

Nightmare Five: disappearance

The biggest value of smart mobile phone is that you can install different kinds of software, such as UC browser, laidiantong which are indispensable ones nowadays. Being a non-professional mobile phone player, I am trying my best to utilize its capacity, and I am praised as a big fan to Tengxun by my colleagues because my mobile QQ is 24 hours online. But I could not keep my online time record today, what a pity!

However, this was just the beginning of my bad day. I was assigned by my leader to take the model phone from the shop in the afternoon. As usum, I log in MSN & QQ with my mobile phone every time I log off from my computer. While today, I did not enjoy the moment without phone calls and messages, but suffered a lot from the loneliness as without any means of real-time communication. Moreover, my wife at the other end of QQ must be pissed off from waiting me to show up online, and this half day disappearance would definitely lead to an incident of violence later.

Nightmare six: falling back

I got to the shop finally after half an hour and got a free movie besides the model phone. I used to transfer the movie into my mobile phone through blue-tooth, easy and convenient. But today I had to change to the big portable hard drives, though the transmission speed was not bad, it still ran the risk of virus infection.

After packing all the cables and hard drives, I rushed back to office. On my way, I thought of the un-finished book “those stories in Ming Dynasty” from yesterday, and put my hand again into my pocket unconsciously, though I knew there was nothing left. Actually e-reader is not a high-end function in mobile phone now, which can also be achieved in those mobile phones at 1000 RMB like Nokia 5530 XM.

Nightmare Seven: failed Radar

In our daily life, mobile phone is equipped not only the function of communication and surfing online, but also the media player. As a qualified music expert, it is defiantly not enough if you only know how to listen to the music.

Shazam ID is a music analyzing software, which can be performed as TrackID function in Sony-Ericsson W850i. Customer can record a short piece of music and upload it to the server, and it will show you the song name, singer even the cover picture of the album. But, without mobile phone today, the best software is in vain.

Nightmare eight: the secret in notepad

It was just the time for topic collection meeting when I arrived at office. Normally I am not afraid of none topic to deliver because I record every incidental inspiration into my mobile notepad, but I forgot the most important thing that I was without mobile phone today…

Finally it came to the end of my work today, but the nightmare was still in progress. At my bus stop, or on my metro way home, I could not imagine what’s going to happen. Going to mobicomet to change my ringtones for hoping a new day.

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