Insider Analysis: Yahoo, Microsoft To Break The Dominance Of Google Is Expected To Shift The World Focus On Beijing

Posted on August 24

Insider Analysis: Yahoo, Microsoft to break the dominance of Google is expected to shift the world focus on Beijing

Yahoo and Microsoft’s marriage of the world’s approval, making the search market Google a dominant negative market situation of access to transit.

Yahoo, however, has a rich experience of this veteran search companies in this cooperation, the declaration would not be using its own search Dell Inspiron 9400 Battery, and expressed the hope that by the end of bing switch to Microsoft’s search algorithm, so that the industry has bewildered. Is it in the search field of fledgling bing search than Yahoo’s search algorithm has a more advanced technology?

Yahoo executives to China to decrypt “micro-Ya” cooperation

Purposely visit the world’s senior vice president of Yahoo, Yahoo Research Chief Prabhakar Raghavan person in charge of this question explains that Yahoo, the world to concentrate on one thing.

Yahoo’s senior vice president of worldwide, Yahoo Research Chief Prabhakar Raghavan heads

He said: “Search engine technology is structured into the front-end and back-end. Backend is the basis of data analysis, Internet, a huge amount of input the system takes a great deal in order to crawl the page or document into the index page, this will be the expensive investment, the background to tens of thousands of machines to do analysis. “

“This is a very common technology, the main problem is just need a big investment, can give so much money into a company limited, Microsoft is one of them.”

Prabhakar Raghavan does not deny the search algorithm is a search engine company’s soul, but in his view, the more difficult thing is to meet customer Dell 1691P Battery. “Our funds will be used to improve the user experience. Will be back to Microsoft bing, we can pay more attention to front-end, front-end use of limited resources will do a good job.”

Search front-end technology, it is a manifestation of intelligent search, in the past, nearly all of the search companies have put forward, to the right information to the appropriate users, including Google, Microsoft and China’s Baidu bing, have in the pursuit of such a kinds of ultimate search experience, but it is not easy. As Prabhakar Raghavan said: “an ordinary graduate student, if there are millions of money, you can build back-end search system, but in fact the most difficult to meet customer needs.”

ZHANG Chen burst Yahoo Beijing will touch the core technology

Observant people will find that apart from Jerry Yang has visited the West Lake, Hangzhou Alibaba Lunjian addition, Yahoo executives rarely visited China in recent years, Prabhakar Raghavan to visit the demonstration of Yahoo’s Beijing R & D center of attention.

Well, this was founded in late 2008, in the June 9, 2009 formally established the Center for Yahoo, Yahoo’s Beijing R & D Globally, what are their significance?

ZHANG Chen, Yahoo general manager of Beijing-based Global R & D center in his remarks today, reveals the looming importance of the R & D center. “This year, we will spare no efforts to recruit more talent, not only in the industry will expand recruitment in colleges and universities. At the same time we will move large internship projects.”

Yahoo’s global R & D Center General Manager of Beijing Zhang Chen

Yahoo, the rapid development of Beijing is doing, while Acer Aspire 1410 battery the rapid development it is one of the main motivation is – get the core items. “Set up to less than one year today, Yahoo Beijing R & D center, in the short term challenges of the project has received two wholly owned technically, one of which is yahoo messenger client,” Zhang Chen said: “We are more than a dozen projects is gradually taking over, involving a wide range of technical fields. “

Talent is the Yahoo to establish research and development center in Beijing, one of the reasons. An official of the argument is, Yahoo Yahoo’s Beijing R & D Center is the world’s top technical talent to attract an important measure, Yahoo that Beijing together with world-class Internet technology professionals, through the full use of Beijing’s human resources advantages, Yahoo will work closely with the industry cooperation and contribute to China’s technology development.

However, these high-end talent in China have access to the international search engine, the company’s core algorithm technology? Prior to news that Google’s relatively open company in China, most of the company R & D personnel can not reach the world’s core technology, but only at the edge of technology for R & D products.

ZHANG Chen for those in search technology to pursue high-end talent enough satisfactory answer. “This is our hallmark! Come to China when I thought, whether the advantages of Yahoo? Relative to many other companies, the difference between us is that we can do the core of an international project, truly have the core technology. Which is why the , few people HP F4809A F4812 battery our offer after the Shuibu Lai. “

Yahoo this year, Beijing will vigorously recruiting, Chen Zhang, said: “We have a layer of Tsinghua Branch Park’s office has been fully staffed, but meet the standards of the people, our request is to be able to move more quickly move fast!”

Not enter the search market and the dubious Alibaba

So pave the way, in the industry, this is important in China, Yahoo’s global layout, but ZHANG Chen denied to enter the huge Chinese search market speculation. “China’s search market is Alibaba operation, we will not touch. If Alibaba interested in our products, we will fully support it!”

In the expression of Alibaba, while not abandoning, but completely drawn a line, and Alibaba. So Zhang Chen’s remarks have been interpreted as a very natural Alibaba Yahoo’s Beijing and dubious.

In fact, last year, Yahoo’s Beijing R & D Center was established, all propaganda, all the self-assigned to a public relations firm, the relevant details of the Alibaba totally unaware. And Zhang Chen has also repeatedly stressed that “We are Yahoo, Beijing, Yahoo, Alibaba China is a subsidiary company.” According to Yahoo executives revealed that Yahoo China is currently the back-end there are some Yahoo’s technology, but front-end has been completely modified.

Analysts say Yahoo’s global projects in HP pavilion dv9000 Battery is clearly shifted the focus of this research and development company Yahoo, Beijing.

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