Internet Marketing Explained

Posted on August 26

Here are the three fundamental concepts that you must understand in internet marketing if you are to be successful.

1. Content is KING

2. Keywords are QUEEN

3. Traffic is crucial, but meaningless if you can’t convert the traffic to some type of action.

You need to either convert the traffic to a sale or capture the person’s e-mail so that you can continue to market to them later on. You can have the best website in the world that costs you $1mil, but without traffic it is worthless and on the flip side if you have 1mil people going to your website each day, then you need to make sure that your website is selling for you or at least capturing some of their information so that they can continue to market to them automatically.

If you have a terrible looking website then your bounce rate, which is the rate that people leave your website as soon as they get there, will be extremely high.

You may not even know what this means at this time, so let me give you some background information on what has happened over the past 12 years, before people ever heard of a company called GOOGLE.

The world population in 2009 was just over 6.7 billion people. By the end of 2000 there were just over 360 million people on-line using the internet. Today there are over 1.7 billion people using the internet which represents a growth of over 380% in the past 10 years!

This number will continue to grow as emerging countries like China, India, Pakistan, Brazil etc. raise their standards of living and bring more of their citizens on-line.

Here are some other interesting statistics that you should be aware of:

* 74% of the US population is now on-line

* 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) – approx # of unique websites

* 2,000,000,000 (two billion) – rough number of Google searches daily

* 70,000,000 – number of total videos on YouTube

* 100,000,000 – number of YouTube videos viewed per day

* 133,000,000 – number of blogs indexed by Technorati

* 346,000,000 – number of people globally who read blogs

* 77% – percentage of active Internet users who read blogs

* 400,000,000 – number of active users on Facebook

I hope your starting to see how all this WILL affect your business if it hasn’t already.

And here are the 10 most popular websites in 2009

1. Google

2. Facebook

3. YouTube

4. Yahoo

5. Live

6. Wikipedia

7. Blogger

8. Baidu (Chinese Search Engine)

9. Blogger

10. (Chinese Website for Instant Messaging)

Internet Marketing Explained:

So what does this have to do with internet marketing? In essence EVERYTHING. Look at the companies above. Most of these companies did not even exist 12 years ago.

They are the most popular, because they have the most visitors, also know as traffic.

Ultimately your goal is to leverage these companies and many more to get traffic going to your website and there are a lot of ways to do this. The stats above are mind boggling, but they show you trends as to where we are going. The most visited websites in the world did not exist 12 years ago, some didn’t exist 5 years ago. But that is where our world is going – we are all going to be on-line which means our customers are all going to be on-line and we have to make sure that they can find us.

Well this all for today, there is a lot of information to digest, so get to know these statistics and never forget that:

1. Content is KING

2. Keywords are QUEEN

3. Traffic is crucial, but meaningless if you can’t convert the traffic to some type of action.

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