Is Your Website Stranded?

Posted on October 30

Is Your Website Stranded? By SEO Design Solutions.Is your website stranded past page two for your main keywords? The chances of someone going to the second or third page to find your website is like the chances of this poor chap finding a signal or a ride from the dilemma. Fortunately in real life, there is SEO to the rescue for sinking sites that lack traffic.

Sometime a short and sweet delivery works wonders to get the message across. When it comes to your website and search engine traffic, don’t expect too much from eager and nimble searchers, in fact more than 70% of searchers click the top 5 results, so if you are below the fold, you can forget about conversion.

The majority of websites were built with design in mind and SEO was the last thing on their mind. In many cases, enterprise sites are a nightmare to resurrect or smaller sites just don’t have enough juice and for lack of better terms, their up a creek without a paddle.

Either of those sites are vulnerable to being outperformed by a new breed of sites constructed with SEO Web Design. In most instances, there are immense advantages for starting fresh.

A new website built with intent and fine-tuned for performance such as (a great keyword-rich name, exceptional content, W3C compliant code that validates, and the right combination of links from authority sites) can leap-frog overconfident webmasters who are asleep behind the wheel and tackle extremely competitive keywords in a fraction of the time.

Speaking of time, that is something this guy has plenty of…. The moral of the story, rankings don’t just happen by themselves, you have to create them. So what are your waiting for?

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