Kai-fu Lee predicted six trends in mobile Internet: the terminal into mainstream entertainment, but thousands

Posted on June 5

Kai-fu Lee predicted six trends in mobile Internet: the terminal into mainstream entertainment, but thousands

May 30 news Kai-fu Lee, chairman of Creative factory owners meeting yesterday Acer Aspire 3000 Battery to six in the forecast, he thought the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) era is over, Android handset prices down to 1500 this year, 3G does not drop down the cost of short-term Entertainment Canada will become the mainstream of social applications, mobile developers a great historical opportunity.

Kai-fu Lee made six specific prediction is:

1, WAP has passed to meet the real mobile Internet era (equipment + application + broadband);

2, fully functional Android phone prices fell 1,500 yuan this year, next year, down 750 yuan;

3, high costs led to a unique Chinese 3G mobile applications: a wealth of equipment + minimum bandwidth;

4, entertainment, + social applications will dominate the mobile Internet market in China; foreign companies, localization companies will once again be defeated;

5, AppStore / Marketplace pre-charging will be replaced by localized charging mode;

6, mobile developers, owners face historical opportunities (native applications, AppStore, advertising, websites, etc.).

Kai-fu Lee pointed out that foreign companies in the field of social entertainment will once again be defeated local companies, because foreign companies optimize the use of practices Compaq Presario R3000 Battery in the United States, they do not understand China, and China’s entertainment social networking is not a U.S. company can understand.

Sponsored by the Sing Chong 2010 to the fifth annual China Internet Webmaster at May 29 in Beijing. Webmaster annual annual meeting is the company and the largest webmaster communities laggards (im286.com) co-hosted the highest concern to the industry’s webmaster class activities. Artesyn Technologies to do live.

The following are innovative presentation facility Kai-fu Lee, chairman of Record:

Kai-fu Lee: Since coming to this Assembly, I should talk a little my future development, but also is beneficial owners, today’s speech was not talk about my product, nor is it about our innovative workshop too much detail, more like on the industry to do some exploration and analysis. Here are the webmaster of China, China’s entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in China, I am also engaged in a trade with you, if we look back, some great entrepreneurs, who in the end what kind of people? The greatest technology entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, who in the end what quality?

I always thought they were commercial or charm, or the technical genius, until I read a book called heterogeneous, it was seen it? He told us the answer, a person can not set up a great enterprise, the most important thing is born in what year? I read this to know why I have no way out of the creation of a company, because he said must be born in the 1950s, preferably about 1955, but also in a relatively wealthy family born in the United States, so as to a better high school, high school will have the first generation of computers can be programmed, and you have a chance after falling in love with computer development. Is untimely, this is the past, the main reason not to succeed in business.

Review of China, you find it interesting, the first wave of the great Internet entrepreneurs in China, Charles Zhang is a probably they age, they also decided to do that time and then made up. Many of you, I am also untimely, as I like to open complex is in the wrong time, so I have a similar opportunity to what age smaller than Charles Zhang, missed opportunities. The second wave we found, Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery Baidu, Tencent, the rise of companies like Shanda, and also has great value, if they just said the two younger age, many people feel they missed the opportunity, then how do?

You is not untimely, and you were born is just catching up with China’s third wave of the Internet as a catalyst later. What will make the third generation of the Internet boom to grow up? I think there are many reasons, but the two most important reasons is the mobile Internet and e-commerce. Today, mainly Webmaster General Assembly, I want to say all of the energy mobile Internet.

Innovation workshop today has invested in several projects, seven of which are mobile Internet, which confirms I am not speaking here of a concept, but we also put their own money on a bet, so we are particularly mobile Internet optimistic. Whether here to restructuring, business, want to start or already have the second business you want to do bigger and better, must pay attention to mobile Internet.

Following the 20 minutes I mainly talk about me and bring innovative workshop on the mobile Internet opportunities in China where? The more unique opportunity, and with the development of foreign, past and China’s development is not the same. Once referred to the mobile Internet, we will say that 200 million 3 million users, will say that rapid deployment of 3G, will say that from a dominant to the three operators to bring more competition, lower costs, more user choice, more opportunities, so all optimistic.

But faced with investors we would say this, I also believe that this does not mean we should all do regardless of mobile Internet project, because the mobile Internet, although great, it’s amazing is what? Is that these data, but also a potential 800 million Chinese mobile users, but also because the people around you, whether we use micro-Bo exchange or other means, all previous owners and there are many differences between the General Assembly. You have around you can see in our so-called pioneers, these people have fallen in love with the mobile Internet, and then the next step will be transmitted to more people. Therefore, the decision is coming era of mobile Internet, it’s explosive Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery power is absolutely enormous.

But not everything is so simple, because if a close look at the trend abroad today, after all, users abroad will be very different way with China, but the situation is basically the large foreign right. Will look at Apple or Google, we can clearly see it, they are now growing in foreign growth is a new eco-chain equipment, plus the bandwidth increase is applied, is a very rich super-smart phone with 3G bandwidth, and then In addition, many applications, Apple already has hundreds of thousands of applications, Google has hundreds of thousands of applications, these three together as great as the past growth of PC growth.

This development no doubt will tell us quickly whether or not how China will go. We take a look at these three we optimistic? If you look at smart phones we are optimistic about this? In fact, according to today’s price, we are not optimistic, because in fact foreign to the United States to buy a IPHONE if you 200 dollars, you may be surprised, how so cheap, why is 1 / 4 the price? In fact, operators in the United States he spent the money, reduce cell phone costs, and increase the monthly fee every month, and in fact the cost is the same. But it has a wonderful effect, that is, users in the United States IPHONE so cheap they think I come one, we all come to one of the volume on the up, once up, business is the greatest. This did not happen in China, we are very worried.

How many of you use 3G for? China’s webmaster, this is the most high-end technology users spent only about 5% of the 3G, Why? Too expensive, is not it? It should be too expensive. We also can not blame the operators, if the operator down the huge price that each of us is 3G, bandwidth of the burst, it was not OK, 3G is too expensive. 3G is the United States closer to the United States today, the price, but the Chinese people’s income is a small part of the United States, which in turn represents a big problem. How do thriving ecosystem? Equipment is too expensive, 3G is also too expensive to use, today’s users do not use more, and the use of the United States would not necessarily line to take over the U.S. favorite Email, but its young users want something more entertaining, which facing a great challenge. In the end I am optimistic or pessimistic? In fact, I am optimistic.

We are now studying in China, users can afford more expensive phones? We see that 83% of China’s mobile Internet users is 30 years old, the young, the young also represent not the highest income, they will not only willing to buy a cottage then? We have also seen China’s mobile Internet users are young and can afford a 2000 dollar phone, and very willing to spend a thousand dollars to buy a mobile Internet phone, the question is how today’s IPHONE 6 7000 block down to a 2000.

China in the end is what young users? China and the U.S. there are huge differences, relatively few high-end users, mostly young and ordinary users, any one of the mobile Internet must focus on young users to focus on what it? Very interesting that those who are willing to spend a thousand dollars, and most of the students, aged people, white-collar workers, they are willing to spend around 1500-2000 dollars. Want to buy five hundred dollars may have to wait for some time.

If we study the 1,500 or so young people to buy mobile phones, they use the Internet do? We saw, college students, mostly white-collar workers, so the answer is very clear, they use the Internet. So for those of foreign analysts say, countries in an open, mobile Internet is the biggest opportunity to those who will access the Internet, the next two years in China, it is not established. May set up two years later, perhaps in India, South America, etc. are set up for China is not established. When we make these products, we have to assume that the user is aware of the Internet. Of you webmasters, entrepreneurs in China, this is a great opportunity, because you understand China’s Internet users, the opportunity facing us is how these young Internet users have used them also on the mobile Internet?

In the end when there are one thousand five hundred dollars to the super-smart phones? Dell Latitude D610 Battery That we wish to recall here 20 years ago might have only 5 years old, but you hear me say I do not cheat you, 20 years ago a great thing, Apple is our favorite with the computer, but occurred a very serious matter, is a horizontal integration, what happens? Is the focus of the Intel chip doing cheaper, IBM set a standard, to do more standard PC, Windows has become a standard, the software has done cheaper, these three things to become a virtuous circle for the machine to quickly lower the price, when one day a little less good with Apple computers, and very cheap, and this time Apple’s share fell to 15%.

Today we found a very interesting phenomenon, today’s IPHOEN is 5000 dollars, but those chips are doing the horizontal integration of business, many companies began doing horizontal integration, in particular, the standard type of machine, such as Taiwan HTC, etc. companies. There are many software companies, it can do the software integration. We are here, I will predict the same will happen when these three groups to optimize their people were good at something, they form a good win when the industrial chain, intelligent mobile phone will be reduced to 1000 from 5000 block, this matter will not only happen, and happen within a year, so now is the time to do the mobile Internet.

If you do not believe we need to think of the power of our cottage China, the cottage can phone companies made lighter, made of high-function camera, they can do everything, do not worry, genuine manufacturers reach 1000, the cottage manufacturers can achieve.

Now suppose that one year after the 1000 phone will come out in the end what kind of software would be worth doing? Actually, all of us here through China’s Internet growth, also saw growth of the Internet is our basic tool to increase social entertainment, the last stage is the senior applications or commercial applications, so the mobile Internet will follow the same process. Today we use the mobile Internet is the foundation of the majority, we would anticipate here in the next year or two years, we will see a lot of fun, social.

Today, the use of QQ has been in the mobile and PC, even though many PC users do not set the other as would happen, whether it is everyone, happy, regardless of any music or different games, videos, so many IPHONE then the big screen do? Must see video, or else not to spoil the. We put a big piece of something in his pocket, must spend the entire screen should only cost-effective, it is inevitable, the Chinese people love the game, like the video, like socializing, so smart phones will be coming to this aspect of development.

I will do the following six predicted, the first, WAP is gone, and we work together to meet the mobile Internet era. Second, Android, mobile phone prices down to 1500 this year, next year may be reduced to 750 yuan, is not known is the Android, is not the Android phone is fully functional, able to achieve the price, this is the future of the platform This is the direction of software development.

Third, 3G cost short-term drop is not down, we can not expect the carriers down, if you Fujitsu Lifebook T4020 Battery and I are carriers will not lower prices, so we have to optimize the use of the environment, the equipment must be rich, but it is a bandwidth saving the environment not to believe that huge video applications, that user will not be paid unless there is monthly, of course, it is relatively rare, and once we all monthly, flow up, and this will gradually monthly disappear.

Fourth, increase social entertainment applications will become mainstream in China, so foreign companies, local companies will once again be defeated, because the optimization of foreign companies in American usage, they do not understand China, and China’s entertainment social networking is not a U.S. company can understand of. Fifth, I like appstore, positioning them to start charging, I expect to fail.

Sixth, the mobile developers great historical opportunity, I hope you will consider to what kind of personalized applications, this is a trend, and we should seize it. In the long run to do Web sites, mobile sites, and I am optimistic, but when it may take another two years, first your site into UPS (sound), it is I’ll give you some recommendations.

The following workshops to talk about innovation, we are also introducing many times, more of our institutional investors, we see the lack of angel investing more in China today, also see the enormous difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, raise funds difficult, because you start the first number of funds may be hundreds of thousands or a two million, many VC you do not have time to talk with, but you really should not raise more money, but recruitment is very difficult, especially the recruitment of engineers especially powerful.

Also, take angel money is not just for the money, but also for the angel’s help to have a big problem in China. There are many challenges in business, finance, law, etc., then how should we do? Innovation Works is for this and founded a few years in my Google legal, financial, tax, many understand.

We are doing is an early investor, will help you understand the market, help you recruit a very good team, give you the initial financing, making an early investor. I am really here to tell you that if you are looking for investors hope to come to us, please cast your willingness to participate in our project or you can participate.

As of today innovation workshop set up about eight months, with almost 500 business team communication, now invested in nine projects, the details are not suitable for sharing, but you can see the seven projects are now moving about, and these numbers will add up to more than nine, because some projects may cross different areas, is mobile, it is e-commerce and so on.

We have two companies that is specifically made for the developers and owners, and they do the tools you need are the future, but today we do not announce the timing of a product can only tell you that just now we need to see the Webmaster development tools, needs advertising resources, these are what we hope to have some investment companies can help you have provided, and do not wait too long, it should be in the coming months will see the launch of these companies and tools, but also hope your HP pavilion dv9000 Battery support and use.

Today’s meeting is really significant, we can see that both the first generation or second generation of the Internet, without the hard work of these pioneers who braved the risks, they were the efforts of young entrepreneurs, in fact, not China’s Internet with today’s development. My very fortunate to invest in Google when the two are also very optimistic about their development.

I believe together we can see that with the development of China’s Internet to the next stage, I deeply believe that the third wave of the Internet is even more remarkable, very much like Nenggen everyone is a cooperation where we can see Investment manager’s e-mail, have QQ group number, we are doing a webmaster communication channels, if you are interested in talking about the communication channels to communicate our future managers to do so, you are welcome to resume direct investment, Other resume also welcome you to vote over.

Finally tell you I am very pleased to join the ranks of you, hope to work with you together to create, to witness the great arrival of China’s third wave of mobile Internet, thank you.

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