lithium batteries do not require special methods of activation,

Posted on July 17

lithium batteries do not require special methods of activation, normal cell phone use in lithium batteries would be natural activation. If you insist to use wisdom of “the three previous 12-hour long activation charge” approach, in fact, there will not be effective.
Therefore, all 12 hours long pursuit of the lithium battery cell phone charger and practices used in automatic shutdown, are wrong. If you used to be done in accordance with an error saying, please correct them in time, perhaps not too late. 

 APPLE M8403 battery   ACER aspire 3000 battery 

  ACER aspire 5560 battery  

Taotao Yan Yan 2009-3-6 22:48:03 58.241.197 .* to report or recommend a look: =% CA% D6% BB% FA% B5% E7% B3% D8% B1% A3% D1% F8 & ct = 301989888 & rn = 20 & pn = 0 & db = 0 & s = 0 & ty = 10
how321 2009-3-7 2:17:41 116.28.186 .* place to report if the phone battery unused for too long, the best maintenance department to apply to cell phones to make a living dealing with, you can own with a constant voltage DC device, adjusting the voltage of 5 ~ 6V, current 500 ~ 600mA reverse battery connector. Note that the liberalization of touch, most can be repeated three times, after such treatment, re-use original charger “adjustment” charge.
milpina 2009-3-7 4:09:32 71.198.219 .* reported that if the user wants to extend the battery’s effective use of time, in addition to the quality of the charger should be guaranteed, the right skills is also essential to the charge, because the quality is poor charger or charging the wrong methods will affect battery life and cycle life, is the charge the following tips:

1. Battery factory, manufacturers have carried out active treatment, and conducted pre-charged batteries have more than electricity, a friend of mine said that in accordance with the adjustment time for charging the battery, the standby is still a serious shortage of batteries assumption indeed genuine battery, then this case adjustment period should be extended further 3 to 5 times full charge and discharge.

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