Mobile Search Offers Viable Revenue Models Through Innovative Technology & Growing Mobile Content?

Posted on May 10 Looks at AskMeNow, Baidu,, Microsoft and InfoSpace as they Pursue Advanced Search Technology for Mobile Devices

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., May 16th, 2006 – (ISES), an investor news portal for the search engine sector, presents “Mobile Search – From Innovation to Application”, a look at developments in mobile search technology. Mobile search has become an inviting opportunity for firms such as AskMeNow, Baidu, InfoSpace,, and Microsoft as they continue to pursue innovative technology to take advantage of the growing demands of the mobile user and the increasing amount of content available on today’s handsets. While the potentially lucrative mobile advertising model is believed to be further down the road, companies are currently looking at different channels for creating viable revenue models to capitalize on the growing number of mobile users.

Brendan Benzing VP of Mobile Search for InfoSpace (NASDAQ: INSP) a mobile content, applications and infrastructure provider explains, “When you start to look at the dynamics and ingredients of mobile search, the opportunity is seen with the number of handsets that are out there and the amount of content that is really beginning to explode on the mobile phone. This is the need for search and it is now becoming very important for consumers.”

According to Andy Yang, Product Manager of mobile search from, a search-based portal under the IAC/InterActiveCorp umbrella, “This category of search is still in its infancy and plans to take its own route and focus on providing very specific information to queries. Given the nature of wireless communication and devices, it will be imperative to not just replicate the conventional Web searching experience in order to attract users to mobile search.”

When you combine growing content, with the demands of the mobile user for fast, easy, reliable and relevant information on-the-go, powerful mobile search technology is fast becoming a necessity in order for consumers to maneuver their way to their desired mobile experience.

Mobile search provider, AskMeNow, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ocean West Holding Corporation (OTCBB: OWHC), recently announced a proposed acquisition enabling them to provide the first mobile search technology (IntelliGate) that revolves around natural language query and retrieval, according to the Company. AskMeNow CEO, Darryl Cohen explains, “AskMeNow, through the integration of this search technology, has the potential to change the face of mobile search by allowing users to ask questions in their own words and receive fast, accurate, relevant, and direct answers from structured databases on the Internet.”

Microsoft Corporation has been exploring mobile search in a variety of capacities. Two recently revealed search technologies include ‘Wild Thing’ and ‘Photo2Search’. ‘Wild Thing’ enables search to be conducted with a minimal amount of characters entered, focusing on improving the ease of searching with your mobile devices by reducing the amount of text entry required. ‘Photo2Search’ takes a different approach by using an image-based search technology.

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