More Translation Bots!

Posted on October 17

Back in December, we released a href=””translation bots/a for Google Talk. While machine translation isn’t 100% accurate, the idea of reducing language barriers with automated chat translations appealed to many people, and we received a lot of positive feedback. So when a href=””Google Translate/a recently added new languages, we decided to create chat bots for these /br /The new bots speak Bulgarian (bg), Croatian (hr), Czech (cs), Danish (da), Finnish (fi), Hindi (hi), Norwegian (no), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Romanian (ro), Swedish (sv) and Traditional Chinese (zh-hant).br /br /There are 26 new bots: bg2en, cs2en, da2en, en2bg, en2cs, en2da, en2fi, en2hi, en2hr, en2no, en2pl, en2pt, en2ro, en2sv, en2zh-hant, fi2en, hi2en, hr2en, no2en, pl2en, pt2en, ro2en, sv2en, zh-hant2en, zh-hant2zh, zh2zh-hant. For reference you can also check out the full list of a href=”″supported language combinations/a. To add one of these bots to your contacts, remember to use the following format [from language]2[to language] /br /Toivon, että pidät siitä!br /br /For those that don’t know Finnish…br /br /iframe src=”;w=200amp;h=60″ allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ height=”60″ width=”200″/iframebr /br /Jonas Lindbergbr /Software Engineerdiv class=”feedflare”
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