Motorola Permits Chinese Users to Change Android Phones Search Engine

Posted on March 31

According to New York Reuters, Motorola Company will permit Chinese users who adopt Google Android operating system to set Baidu or other competitors as default networking search engines, not only limit to Google search.

Motorola declared to build partnership with Chinese biggest search engine and Google’s competitor Baidu last week, and promised to sign more search agreement. Before, Google cannot bear the networking attack and examine dispute from China, and threatened dropping out from China market.

Motorola still expressed, it will provide Chinese users with Android application shop ——install on its own brand mobile phones, this platform will be also installed in other brand mobile phones which obtain permit of this kind of shop.

This move ought to relieve parts of investors’ worry about Google dispute may be harmful to Motorola’s upturn in business, because it is up to Android and increase rapidly China mobile phone market to a great degree.    

Morgan Keegan’s analyst Tavis McCourt pointed out, the move eliminated the risk that Motorola’s success in China completely depends on Google. McCourt estimated, Motorola’s share in China mobile phone market has fall to 2 percent from quondam 20 percent in recent years. Christy Wyatt, Motorola’s vice CEO of software and service indicated, company expects to provide consumers with chances to choose search engines, and it also apply itself to provide consumers with various choices. Wyatt said, under some circumstances, the favored objects of carriers’ customers or single consumers are certainly different. But take Baidu for example, it is obviously a brand with very high popularity in China.

The vice CEO also expressed, except for Google, Motorola has provided other search choices for the Android mobile phones. For instance, company provided Yahoo search service for custom-made mobile phones of Latin America mobile carrier American Movil.

Wyatt did not give too many comments on Google present impasse, she pointed out, it will not do harm for Motorola business, as Android is an open source system, which means its distribution and development are not taken charge by Google.

She expressed, Google is bending itself to make strategies for providing applications and services, and they wish to see the achievement early.

As a cellphone wholesale droppshipper, is optimistic about Motorola’s new service. In this way, Motorola will appeal more consumers to buy its brand phones. As it allows users to search information according to their own minds, not only limit to Google. Users can select Baidu, Yahoo or other search engines freely. Consumers can user their mobile phones more comfortable.

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