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Posted on January 13

We have written a post telling people what core WordPress plugins we are using in every of our WordPress sites, for ourselves as well as for our customers. Still no two sites are the same in terms of appearance and purpose. So almost every of our WP site has one or few plugins uniquely installed. Some of them are not free and are available only at a fee. Here are a list of plugins we are using in some, not all, of our WP sites.

Free Plugins

Global Translator – This is free and pretty nice. Do not be missing out on millions of non-english speaking people by not utilizing a translation plugin for your site with a single set of English content. The translation of course is not of very comfortable human reading quality. But if your site is presenting mostly figures and hard technical data, this plugin helps drawing you a larger set of readers.

WP-Sticky – A free plugin that lets you sticky a certain post so that it remains the first post no matter how many posts you make afterwards. This is helpful , you can write a 300 word article or welcome message about your blog. This looks like a natural blog, and is believed to be manually posted on.

Paid Plugins

Caffeinated Content – This is also a paid plugin but its pretty good. It has been a bit buggy here lately, possibly something to do with the new wordpress 2.7 upgrade.

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