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Posted on March 4

Why do you need a character counter?

Many search engines will ignore your meta tag if it goes over 255 characters. So make sure your meta-description and meta-keyword fields fly under the radar. This practice makes and breaks a SEO success of a page and even a web site.

More meta-keyword tips

Should you repeat keywords? Not normally. But it is fine if it is part of several different phrases. For example, it is alright to include phrases in a tag as “commercial web building, business web building”. Still it is advisable not to repeat a word over 3 times or search bots may consider you keyword spamming. So we will append phrase “make commercial internet site” if we should extend our key phrase list.

Regarding word variations, like “advert”, “adverts”, “advertising”, “advertisements” and so on, they are tricky to handle.

Basically search engines prefer the shortest version. So if people are searching on keyword “advert”, all the aforementioned phrases have a chance to be listed. Be careful on the magic word chance. Even if you are listed a search engine still have to consider whom to be ranked first. Naturally “advert” pages will rank ahead of “adverts”, “advertisements” and as such pages. Moreover, keyword “ads” won’t be listed out of “advert” searches.

So our rule-of-thumb be, list as many word variations as you can within the 255 characters limitation.

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