osCommerce Webmaster’s Guide to Selling Online

Posted on March 28

Increase your sales and profits with expert tips on SEO, Marketing, Design, Selling Strategies, etc. Please e-commerce site for a money-making enterprise full of practical tips and tricks to the outcome of osCommerce.

Professional advice on improving the selection of the best entries in Retail If you have an osCommerce based online business, you need this book. Packed with expert guidance on all aspects of building a better online, this book will distinguish your shop from the crowd. All approaches and techniques described here have proven to have worked well for a successful osCommerce based online businesses among the more than 650 of the world that the author has been actively involved as developer, project leader, or online business consultant. osCommerce is an open-source e-commerce solution written in PHP and MySQL, which can be set to different platforms.

More than 10,000 companies and persons in the world benefit from the functionality and flexibility. The significance of the osCommerce community of over 100,000 can not be stressed enough as it is here, online merchants and web developers can communicate and find solutions. There are many “contributions” – modules for osCommerce that further extend the functionality – making it suitable for the needs of almost any business. What you learn from this book? Calculate and profits Monitor and monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Optimize your osCommerce online store search for Internal and External Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The popular search enginesWeb page optimization

Structure and dynamic content Keyword selection Back-linking strategy Make your SEO campaign pays offSuperb ideas for attractively store REACH design profitable new markets by refining your product catalog best practices in product mix and product information page build and maintain customer confidenceRun a good campaignUse planned to promote reporting facility osCommerce.

Practical insights extend to create custom report Improve your process and efficiency, profitability of the companies Convert customers Repeat customers in the method Packed with expert advice and practical examples of effective store design and report creation to help you make informed decisions, formulate more effective strategies, and measuring your success. Who is this book written for? This book is for anyone who manages an osCommerce site, including webmasters, content managers, marketing managers and retailers who do not understand PHP and MySQL to enjoy this book. Tips and techniques in this book can be applied to all small, medium e-commerce site. This is not an implementation guide, developers implementing osCommerce-based e-commerce sites would benefit from reading Deep Inside osCommerce: The Cookbook.
osCommerce Webmaster’s Guide to Selling Online: Increase your sales and profits with expert tips on SEO, Marketing, Design, Selling Strategies, etc.

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3 Responses

  1. Steve Jay
    March 26th, 2010

    Wow, what a book each OSC web master must this small book of tips and tricks. Much super ideeà n in this book. This book you will reflect concerning your complete operation. Moan that some large mysteries were published in this book. Internet race is opwarmen.& #13; Rating: 5/5

  2. Scott Lawrence
    March 26th, 2010

    osCommerce Webmaster’s Guide to Selling Online Just got the book the other day. It was sent to us to review by the publishing company PACKT, a UK based company. We are osCommerce webdesigners also sell a ton of osCommerce Templates on our website, just search Snerdey. It’s easy to tell that the author, Vadym Gurevych, really knows this product inside and out. It was interesting to read and the addition of sample coding made it simple to understand.

    I’ve already highlighted several sections that I’m going to make sure our team goes over this to come up with a new plan of attack for SEO as our clients demand cutting edge technology as well as real results.

    I think this book is a huge plus for both the site owner and the seasoned webmasters.

    Get yourself a copy. It’s about 380 pages or so and 12 chapters. Easy reading and not full of technical jargon just really good information that I’m sure our competitors don’t want out of the bag!

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. W Boudville
    March 26th, 2010

    Let’s be clear about one thing. The book is not about running a general purpose website that is selling things. It pertains to those sites using the osCommerce software. This provides a programmatic framework with features needed by many small commercial websites.

    But it turns out that several key sections of the book do offer advice germane to anyone wanting to sell on the web. One topic is whether you should join various organisations that will certify your website as reputable. Truste, BBBonline, VeriSign, GeoTrust and others are mentioned. These let you put a seal (a clickable image) on your webpages. So that if a reader clicks on it, it will go to that organisation’s server and popup a page attesting that your website is an accredited member. The book’s coverage of the top companies offering such certifications is good. Another topic well covered is how to provide search results from searches done within your database of products. Here, osCommerce naturally comes with an internal search option.

    Search Engine Optimisation is another topic extensively discussed. This is where you try to get your webpages listed as prominently as possible in the (free) results of major search engines. Tips are given, including how to avoid getting blacklisted by the search engines for being an SEO spammer. (Naughty, naughty!)

    Unfortunately, a failing of the book is a poorly done index. For example, on the subject of certificates, SSL, seals or any of those certifying organisations, there simply are no entries in the index. Another example is the omission of link farms or spam from the index, even though these are discussed in the text.
    Rating: 4 / 5