Overseas Users Even Said Google Has Become A Political Tool To Withdraw Does Not Affect The China Internet Development

Posted on May 4

Overseas users even said Google has become a political tool to withdraw does not affect the China Internet Development

In the threat “to consider closing the” Google of China two months later, Google Inc. announced March 22 in accordance with Chinese law to stop harmful information on the self-censorship, the Simplified Chinese search service transferred to Hong Kong from mainland China. The whole incident has given rise China News Net User’s heated debate at home and HP Pavilion DV4000 Battery, a large number of overseas netizens expressed doubts about Google’s practice that multinational corporations must comply with host country laws, Google has become a political company, reduced to the U.S. government to implement a tool of hegemony.

Foreign enterprises operating in China must abide by Chinese laws

The vast majority of overseas netizens believe that Google want to operate in China, they must abide by Chinese laws and the law, which is a basic requirement. Net named HsunTze Malaysian Internet user said: “Google may be a good search engine, but when it is operating outside of the country, if you want to achieve the intention of the company’s global strategy, it is necessary to play well their roles, and identify appropriate position. operating in China, it must respect and obey China’s laws and rules and regulate their operation. If you can not do, he can only terminate the operation, leaving China. “network, called Anthony’s Thai Internet users believe that : “Every country has different historical and socio-cultural backgrounds, different laws and regulations, for 1.3 billion people, China is also true. Do not expect the same in each country with the United States. if Google complain about the rules, it should be to leave IBM ThinkPad T60 battery. ”

Google has become the U.S. government to promote American values and seek hegemony tools

A large number of User that Google has become a political company, became a tool of U.S. hegemony. Net named helen British Internet user said: “Google and the U.S. intelligence agencies are inextricably linked. We all know, when Google was first established to be funded from the United States Central Intelligence Agency. And that Google is currently working with U.S. intelligence agencies have linked to all This is an open fact. “network, called James the Australian Internet user said:” Google under the pretext of morality, its real purpose is obvious, that use the Internet to subvert or control of China. I believe that there is no reason the Chinese people the information control to Google. control information, more powerful than bullets. ”

The Government has the responsibility to filter harmful information, to ensure the flow of information security

User that the vast majority of home and abroad, in the Internet age, the Government is necessary to filter harmful information in order to reduce the negative social impacts; free flow of information and is not necessarily a good thing, the security of information flow or free safety information Mobile is the ideal state, be conducive to social progress. Network, called John of U.S. Internet user said: “In fact, Google has also introduced Internet censorship in the United States. As far as I know, in the United States, Google to comply with the Hp Pavilion zd8000 Series Battery Act, that is, it will randomly monitor the number of innocent users of electronic e-mail, and when necessary be submitted to the U.S. government. “network known as the Singapore Asian User said:” There is a proverb when he said: take preventive measures. censorship is wise. good things are conducive to physical and mental digestion, but the If this thing contains a number of toxins, then the harmful elements of the inspection and filtering is very important, which can guarantee to reach the general public there are good things. “net user pointed out the United States called the CV, the U.S. government’s criticism on China’s Internet checking is not fair. “China is to review the harmful pornographic images, the anti-China and splitting the information, which is entirely justified. The United States Government does not also block al-Qaeda and foreign Muslim extremists of the site?”

Google to withdraw will not affect the development of China’s Internet

Overseas user pointed out that China is the world’s fastest-growing Internet industry in the country, as at the end of 2009, the number of more than 384 million Internet users in China is the world’s Internet users than any other country. China’s Internet industry will not be because of Google’s withdrawal stagnation. Network called the Billy the French Internet user said: “Google’s poor performance in the Chinese market, it is entirely because of its poor management. But they do not realize this, but blame the Chinese government. Google’s competitors in the same rule Under the competition, and why they are well developed, and only the poor performance of Google do? “network, called Amy in the United Kingdom user pointed out a number of Chinese Internet companies to grow from scratch to prove the history of China’s Internet industry is full of vitality. Alibaba’s Internet users have been spread over 240 countries and regions, and in 2005 the acquisition of Yahoo China, Alibaba.com is a global leader in B2B e-commerce model. While Baidu beat Google in China, Baidu is because a better understanding of the Chinese Hp Pavilion dv9000 Series Battery.

Google does not represent the event the deterioration of China’s investment environment

A considerable number of overseas User believes that Google is just Google’s own deal with incidents caused by improper does not mean that the deterioration of China’s investment environment. Net named Michael in the United Kingdom User that China’s laws and regulations on the search the contents of the review have been there and did not tighten, or other changes occur, at least from the reports I do not see this reference. However, Google is making such a drastic response, Google only shows the mentality of the management or motivation has changed. Network, called the United States Netrogen User said: “If it was five years ago, the threat of Google is terrible. But now, China’s rapid economic rise, in fact, has become the world’s second largest economy. China will no longer Google’s departure seen as an important setback, there will be many other companies are willing to invest in China, establishment of businesses. and Premier Wen Jiabao is what position, China is still welcomes foreign companies to China. contrary, Google chose to leave, it will be difficult to go back the Chinese market, they will regret. “network, called AsianPerspective Singapore netizens believe that Google’s departure will not result in losses to China the contrary, Google will have to endure to lose market share with strategic consequences. Many companies ready to occupy the vacancy.

Google’s inconsistencies, dubious moral standards

Many netizens Google’s ethics questioned, that they tether, throw its weight around. Net User name Osaka in Japan, said multinational companies operate decided to go into a country before, the general legal environment in the host country to conduct a comprehensive assessment. I believe Google is no exception. Since they then decided to enter, it means recognition of such an environment, there is no eligible for the tether, or else can only cast doubt on the company’s moral character. Other search engine companies have to follow Chinese laws and regulations on the review, Google asked on what basis privilege? They are not always advocated equality Mody? Network in Canada, called peony User post that Google why now rather than in the first time in China put forward does not search the contents of review? Probably because they feel in themselves a few Dell Latitude D610 Battery ago is still a small effect, but now is different: “I am important, it can ask you for me to change the rules of.” It had to give Zhangshilingren feeling.

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