Pay Per Click Search Engines

Posted on May 24

The internet is one of the shining examples of the advancement of science and technology and the coming of the internet has benefited human beings enormously. The internet search engines are one of the most important components which aid the retrieval of information from the huge world of the World Wide Web in response to the keywords typed by an individual on the search engine’s interface. The major search engines operating in the internet include Yahoo, Google, Baidu etc. Search engine marketing is a very significant venture to popularize the usage of these search engines and therefore one will come across numerous advertising options on the search engine’s interface. The pay per click option is also known as PPC and is a common advertising formula used by the search engines, in blogs or websites as well as in advertising networks where the advertisers are required to pay only if a consumers clicks on an ad and therefore visits the website of the advertiser. Usually the advertisers place their stake by inserting certain key words which they believe their aimed consumers will type in order to search for some required information. In case a user types a similar keyword on the search engine, the corresponding ad placed by the advertiser appears readily on the screen and such ads are known as ‘sponsored ads’ or ‘sponsored links’. These ads usually appear on the search engine results page as placed accordingly by the blogger or the webmaster. The prominent advertising networks like Yahoo! Publisher Network and Google AdSense are some of the popular sites which represent such ads on their interface which seem appropriate according to the page’s content and are popular sites for pay per click ads. According to recent statistics, Microsoft adCenter, Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Marketing are the largest of the network operators in the world. There are, however various other pay per click keyword search engines like Google AdWords, Miva, Baidu, Yahoo! Search Marketing, LookSmart etc. the pricing depends upon the individual search engines. However, on a generalized basis it can be noted that minimum price levels can be noted at US$0.01 and these prices are known as costs per click or CPC.

Some of the well known PPC product search engines include, Shopzilla while other significant PPC services include SideStep, NexTag etc. While pay per click advertising is a very popular mode, it is also possible to misuse this option in the form of ‘click fraud’ and leading search engines like Google have already undertaken automated protective measures to prevent this.

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