Forget Push Email, Here Comes Push Facebook For Your Mobile

Posted on September 12

From a company called Blue Whale Systems Ltd., makers of a free mobile push application called BlueWhaleMail, there now comes a new push application: Facebook. Via the BlueWhaleMail app, you can be notified of your friends’ status updates, wall posts, and news items. You also have the ability to send pokes, create wall posts, and email messages. The notifications you receive are displayed on your phone as soon as they as show up on Facebook…and there’s no need for you to have to browse to the Facebook web site to either view them or respond.

What’s BlueWhaleMail?

Out of the 2.7 billion people with mobile phones, those not carrying a smartphone still represent the majority of handset owners. But these people deserve an easy way to access their email and social network notifications, too, even if they can’t afford or don’t want to pay for a sophisticated smartphone.

Says Michael Maguire, founder and CTO, who previously worked in the BlackBerry Applications team at Research In Motion, “My team and I think there are some great dedicated mobile email devices out there – but we’re biased, because half of us helped build one of them. Unfortunately the rest of the world’s 1.1 billion email users have phones with unusable, hard to configure in-built email that few people can be bothered to set-up. With BlueWhaleMail, we’ve gone back to the drawing board so that people can keep the phone they like and still stay in touch on the go.”

At the moment, the BlueWhaleMail app is only available for Nokia Series 60 and SonyEricsson phones, but that list will grow in time as BlueWhaleMail branches out to serve the needs of those who carry “ordinary” mobile phones.

Where To Download

BlueWhaleMail can be downloaded from or by browsing to on your mobile phone. The application is ad-supported and features a small banner ad at the top of the BlueWhaleMail message viewer.

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