remove the battery to extend battery life by not correct

Posted on June 1

Questions people ask 2009-05-19 09:09

Can provide a stable power supply in an environment using a laptop computer, remove the battery to extend battery life by not correct. On the ASUS laptop, when the full battery charge, the battery charging circuit will automatically shut down, so the phenomenon of overcharging does not occur. laptop battery ACER Laptop Battery
* To an average of three months to conduct a battery power correction action.
I just saw on Baidu, how can you say not the same ah? By the way, what is meant by the battery calibration action ah?

Answer people’s supplementary 2009-05-19 09:13

The battery is fully charged, then the process is slow and uniform discharge , that is, open the computer, do not do anything, let it discharge! This is the battery power correction! May know each person is different on the battery. I used to HP engineers to do this all the time and the customer said. have not seen what and I do not know.

Questions people ask 2009-05-19 09:20

You misunderstood, because I am layman in this area, do not know how to use, but also what you say and others do not, so please explain your interpretation!

Answer people’s supplementary 2009-05-19 09:26

For battery maintenance and use, I’ve just done the training, when HP engineers also said so! Also some people will say, why do I plug in a day no problem with it! We can not determine what kind of answer to This use will certainly right! may you see the answer to that plug in to use does not matter. Maybe he used his laptop battery so long he has no problem with their own experience to answer! specifically how to use mainly in see you, right?

Questions people ask 2009-05-19 09:30

If the battery electrical storage, and how to do ah?

Answer people’s supplementary 2009-05-19 09:47

It just busy. Do not know you said the battery electrical storage it? What does it mean? Ha ha!

Questions people ask 2009-05-19 09:50

That is, when I am using the battery, the battery usage tips is to use two hours, but in the end only one and a half hours. How is it? My friend said that this is the battery electrical storage, ha ha ~ ~ ~ I do not know! Thinkpad X40 battery Thinkpad t40 battery

Answer people’s supplementary 2009-05-19 09:53

Many notebook batteries made at the factory test will be shorter than the actual use, because doing the tests. The battery is in the best mode. Is the best use of state to complete the test. Ordinary users to use, Sometimes playing point game, and sometimes to see the film. So it is not ideal battery usage time  Thinkpad t42 battery Thinkpad r30 battery.

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