Review Extra Video Compose helps you to combine video using different effects.

Posted on December 5

Extra Video ComposeExtra Video Compose allows you to combine two frames of the same sizes using different transition effects. This object puts at your disposal wide range of different professional video compose effects like advanced, wiping, sliding, pushing, stretching transitions which allow to make beautiful joint of the movie scenes.

Key Features of Extra Video Compose:

  • Extra Video Compose effects such as:
    CrBlinds, Iris, RadialWipe, Fade, ZigZag, RandomBars, Crlris, CrRadialWipe, Spiral, Pixelate, Wheel, Strips, CrStretch, Inset, CrSlide, CrInset, Compositor, Blinds, CrSpiral, Wipe, CheckerBoard, GradientWipe, DxtCompositor Class, CrBarn, DxtKey Class, Movie Maker Special Effect 2 Inputs, Slide, DxtJpeg Class, CrZigzag, Barn, Stretch, RandomDissolve;
  • Extra Video Compose has format conversion functions:
    Input formats are supported:
    mov, MP4, 3GP, mpg, avi, wmv, asf, JPEG, Bitmap, Gif Output formats are supported: mpg, avi, wmv, mov;
  • It is simple and easy to use:
    Just input your original video and then select the effect what you want to add, it can automatic run.

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