South Korea’s Local Internet Enterprises Are Facing Exams Embattled Big Three

Posted on August 22

South Korea’s local Internet enterprises are facing exams embattled Big Three

Recently, South Korea, “Chosun Ilbo,” the authors noted that with the iPhone (mobile Internet), and Android phones in South Korea’s hot, originally in South Korea’s three most influential local Internet companies – Naver, Daum, and Nate’s aura rapidly receded. Apple and Google seems to have become South Korea’s telecommunications and Internet market, the new king.

Treasures under siege could start anew, and has become South Korea’s Internet giants have to face a severe test.

“Strong enemy” attacks were retired

U.S. market research company comScore survey, Korea’s largest Internet company NHN, Korea ranked first search portal Naver search service sites in the world rankings with the United States on a single Google, Baidu and other Chinese neighbors; South Korea’s SK dell Latitude C640 battery the company’s Cyworld (Cyworld) also in the U.S. on the Nasdaq Stock Market, “summon wind and rain.” However, these people who had worked in the Internet industry, an influential South Korean Internet companies has recently been clearly felt the wind, of cooling.

iPhone and Android in South Korea sells the Korean mobile phone network correspondingly, showing explosive growth momentum, but also South Korea’s domestic Internet companies led to trouble. And cable networks, in the wireless Internet market, service is the core of “search.” Foreign production of smart phone and does not install Naver, Daum, Nate search engines such as South Korea, but installed the Google and Yahoo. In South Korea, iPhone will be Google and Yahoo, as its basic search service, Android is also a matter of course to Google, “enshrined as a guest.”

Once upon a time, in the cable market, Naver, Daum and the same as the SK’s, the third a comprehensive portal site in Korea Nate “Big Three”, Google is only ranked No. 20.

However, in the wireless network market, the situation is quite different. According to the U.S. venture capital firms Matrix Partners survey, although South Korea’s domestic Internet market in South Korea is still the top three local enterprises, but on the Google home late comer, has surged to fourth place, and that its growth rate is also very striking: in November 2009, Google’s market share was only 18.1%; to January 2010 rose to 23.1%. Jingwei Li, head of venture capital in emerging industries origin (phonetic) said: “It is expected that, with escort the iPhone and Android, Google will be more popular in the future.”

However, given the current situation, South Korean domestic companies seem to do nothing, do nothing. Apple iPhone to use the search engine in all the world’s countries are uniform; Android and handset manufacturers are also in close co-operation, it is difficult to replace search engines.

Looking forward legislation to protect fair competition,

South Korea’s domestic Internet companies for their own dissatisfaction with the legal provisions exist, because the South Korean foreign enterprises, the dell Inspiron 9200 battery of the law is very loose, foreign Internet companies find it easier to adapt. For example, South Korea introduced its own Web site the network real-name system does not apply to such international video site YouTube, so YouTube, there have been many anonymous against copyright content.

This year in February, South Korean National Assembly Speaker Kim Hyung-oh accepted an interview with Dan Agency, said: “Foreign Internet companies in South Korea and South Korea, local enterprises should be the same under South Korean law limits.”

According to “Chosun Ilbo,” 17, reported that, NHN had recently told the “Google monopoly abuses” expressed their discontent. Reported that the next generation of the search market in South Korea – smart phone market, Google use its power to stop other competitors enter the market. For example, Samsung Electronics Android mobile phone powered by Google search engine, but also have direct access to Google’s keys, allowing users to automatically use Google. Apple’s iPhone is the same, as long as the use of safari software access to the Internet, the screen will automatically appear on the “Google search window.”

NHN, general manager of Kim Sang-Gazette, said: “Users have the right to choose a variety of smart phones search engine.” He asserted that the South Korean government policies should be introduced, so that Google, Naver, Daum, Nate, etc. The web site also appears in South Korean domestic sales Smart phones for the users.

Hard inner strength can only saved the day

A recent interview with South Korea’s Internet industry, “Chosun Ilbo,” an interview, said: “South Korean Internet companies are now very difficult for Apple, , such as large manufacturing companies to the negotiating table; while Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics of South Korea’s domestic manufacturing enterprises that now not to turn our gaze on the search service “, which staggered the situation to some extent caused by the current South Korean Internet community besieged suffered the embarrassing situation.

The status of the negotiations there is an embodiment of its own power, fundamentally speaking, nobody is to blame. NHN, Dan Club, the three giant SK Telecom are busy before the Internet market in a limited competition for the site, hoping to come out first, but they ignore the input for the future wireless market.

Google, in order to compete for the wireless Internet market, as early as a few years ago, investment in mobile phone service. At that time, domestic enterprises are still stubbornly adhere to the “South Korea’s mobile communications is not open communication network, it is difficult to access the Internet service industry” position. In fact, the United States and South Korea, like many in the mobile communications limited, but Google is set through direct WiFi communications network, the development of smart phone operating system, to the Communications pressure, so as to achieve a growth of mobile phone service objectives. Even if you can now find the evil for their own reasons, has to admit other people’s devious tactics Sony VGP-BPL2 battery.

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