The Advent Of Search Engine Marketing In The Current Economic Society

Posted on August 18

Search Engine Marketing, commonly referred to as SEM is one of the most powerful, fastest growing, most dynamic and most cost effective marketing strategies online.  Search Engine Marketing enables businesses to reach millions of potential customers and clients anywhere in the world for a very low investment, sometimes as low as $0.01 or even free customer acquisition!  The point behind Search Engine Marketing is ensuring that the website that is being promoted appears in top 10 of the search engine results whenever a web user searches the web with specific keywords.  The leading search engines that marketers focus on when optimizing sites are Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN).  These search engines collectively account for over 90 percent of the global search engine traffic.


The popularity of search engines

Besides the three major search engines, niche specific search engines such as Kayak travel search engine and country specific engines like the Chinese Baidu are also common with online marketers.  More and more people are turning to search engines when searching for information they need and have surpassed email to become the most popular online activity.  More than one billion searches are conducted daily on Google alone, all over the world.


How does SEM work?

Whenever a web user wants information on a particular service or product, the first place they turn to online is search engines.  Email used to be the people’s favorite method to gather information online but spam messages have significantly lowered people’s trust on email as a way to get reliable information online.  Search engine marketing has therefore taken the top spot for reaching a global audience without soliciting for personal information or email addresses.  The internet is becoming more and more integrated in our daily lives and is playing a significant role in in providing all the information needed by clients and potential customers.


When a web user turns to the internet for information, there is so much information to filter through that it would be impossible to get anything done without the assistance of search engines.  The user enters specific terms and lets the engines present the most relevant websites with that term. 


Getting your website on top

When search engines present results, the user will only be interested in the first few, maximum 20, of the millions of returned results.  Search Engine Marketing ensures that your website is among the top 20 that the potential buyer will go through and if they are impressed, they are likely to follow the links to your site to get more information and possible make a purchase if they are convinced your site is the best.

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