The Chinese Search Engine Optimization Dilemma

Posted on April 22

Are you looking for a lucrative market for your product/service?
Have you given consideration to the Internet medium for marketing?
Do you read papers and find the growth of China amazing?

If your answer to the above questions is “yes”, its time you opted for a Chinese search engine optimization service. The problem however arises once you start looking at the options you have and the various search engines that you can optimize your site on. In any other region across the globe, the choice might not be as difficult as Google is the dominant search engine in almost all other regions of the world.

When it comes to Chinese SEO there is some serious competition even for Google. Baidu is the highest used search engine in China and therefore you have to consider your ranking on this particular search engine as well. It not only has more users than Google in China but it also has a fairly different criteria for ranking sites and therefore your approach towards optimizing your site for this search engine has to be different than what it will be for Google.

So, what will be the basis of your selection and how fruitful will it be is a valid question. Now, when you have found a marketing solution in Chinese search engine optimization, you have a new puzzle to solve, how to go about it. Here you have to get into account some important parameters that can possible make a huge difference.

The first thing that you have to do is ensure that the kind of target audience you are looking for is available on the search engine. You can use the Google Adwords Keyword tool to find the search volume for a particular word. On the other hand you can ask your service provider to find suitable keywords in Chinese and their search volumes on Baidu. Look at the kind of transactions that happen online on both search engines.

Also consider people from other countries searching for similar terms, while you can find users from around the globe for Google there are a lot of Chinese search engine users in countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, US as well. Make sure that you have a comprehensive report on the scope of online promotion and Chinese search engine optimization before your proceed so that you can set targets and determine the success of the campaign.

You can hire a reliable provider and ensure that all your needs are catered to in the most professional manner. Most of the times a reliable provider will come up with the reports that you want on a periodic basis and not give you a chance to complain.

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