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Posted on June 15

Easy to overlook the security risks

Learned that the national random sample of the water heater more than ten indicators were detected, but tests found that one of the main quality is that the internal wiring does not meet the requirements, mainly reflecting the internal wiring clutter in the apparatus, joints without insulation protection, the line does not have the anti-high temperature, moisture, anti-interference indicators. The purpose of these indicators is to prevent accidental damage to the circuit, causing electrical short circuit and generation of misuse such as functional or safety hazards.

Electric water heater is the second largest security risk bad ground, or ground assault charged and a leak. As has frequently occurred throughout the country in recent years, the water heater leakage wounding event, the China Consumer Association has for the National Consumers in 40 cities to issue a shock water heater market, “consumer alert”, explicitly, “When the consumer’s home security power conditions are not available or not safe and reliable grounding device, the operator should refuse to sell, refuse to install electric water heater, in order to truly reflect the most basic social responsibility of business. ” Since our family is not fully qualified electrical environment the situation there, so even meet the national standard of qualified water heater, it does not mean that the user has absolutely safe bathing environment. According to the CASE 33 cities combined results of the survey, Qi Cheng Chinese families over there are different levels of electrical safety hazards. This also shows that China’s current environment makes the most of the households use electric water heaters are a security risk.

Consumers talk about “power” the mere mention of

China Quality Around the complaint Rights Office and the local complaints stations in 28 complaints in 2006 the analysis showed that the electric water heater as hot spots around the complaints, the highest in the eighth largest merchandise complaints, complaints accounted for more than 4.25 %%, and showed a clear upward trend in the proportion of complaints. The goods in major cities across the country complained Heibang, the electric water heater are in the top ten complaints complaints goods are shocking. The 3? 15 nights, the reason SAIC include electric water heaters nationwide sampling of the column, is not accidental.

Is well known, since water is conductive, the human body itself is a conductor, especially in the bath, even wearing slippers, insulation may be nearly zero, once the shock is difficult to help themselves. In recent years all over the country frequent the water heater leakage wounding event, let people talk about “electricity” discoloration.

In Baidu search “electric water heater leakage,” as many as 67 000 search results actually, random clicks, chilling. In recent years, Changsha, Beijing, Tianjin, Guizhou, Wuhan and other places have occurred because of ground water heater leakage charged cause injury accident. Reporters in Beijing Gome, Suning, and other supermarkets to see the counter flow of water heater sales decreased. Ms. Wang said, a site immediately to move new house, want to change units, water heaters, water heaters buy more security in mind, about 3? 15 show the exposure of the incident, Ms. Wang said, a colleague said. When we discuss this incident, all that use electric water heater will be a security risk. In the scene, one consumer said that the original use of the electric water heater at home, heard the matter of fear, immediately to mall to buy a gas water heater units, we should use some time at home has replaced the water heater.

Security once again rise to a “gas-electric dispute”

It is understood that gas water heater technology in China after more than twenty years for the development of more sophisticated security features. Released last year, “2004? In 2006 with products of China Gas Consumption Survey Report” shows that sales of gas water heaters accounted for more than Liu Cheng, gas water heater to purchase the proportion of 78.6%%, far higher than the electric water heater 56.3%% in consumer satisfaction, higher than the electric water heater gas water heater. Thus, gas water heater is still the absolute mainstream of the market.

According to authoritative information, at present, China’s urban households was 72.3%%, water heater has not reached saturation, maintaining 30%% annual increase in the next five years, market demand water heaters will reach 35 million units.

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