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Posted on May 14

The global economic has kept downturn due to the financial crisis at the present period. At this time, tightening belts have become the choice of helplessness small and medium enterprise. In order to reduce costs, many SMEs start looking for a less-cost marketing road.According the reports, the costs putting in a third-party B2B network-marketing rise to 8% in 2008 from the 0.5% in 2002. It is expected that this proportion will continue to rise over the next years and it will reach to 11.5% in 2012.

Compared with these helpless transitions taken by SMEs, the enterprises based on B2B and B2C platforms feel much easier. The only thing they should change is to stimulate consumption. As a result of its continuous increasing, the professional China Electronics Wholesale company ePathChina Limited (http://www.papayaone.com.com) recently published a report analyzing the concrete related information.

“Once taking the advantage of network, the search engine will be the most popular and most effective method to publicity.” Sophia, the representative of Electronics Wholesaler papayaone Ltd. said. The mainstream search engines used in international trade are Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

“If you are just going on business in China, then Baidu must be the one you should attach importance to”. Sophia listed the major search engine for different usage and after that she added people must know more detailed to achieve success. As we all know, Baidu Inc., owner of the most popular search engine in China, is considering acquisitions to extend its lead in the world’s largest market for Internet users, which enlarges the potency dimension of network promotion.

For SMEs that start their fledgling business, even the products they owned are low-end, they can find suitable buyers as well. It is not allowed to invest or innovate with a large amount of money blindly, however, carrying out self-analysis depending on their own products and their enterprise’s strengths is necessary. The price in Alibaba is relatively cheaper and there are much offline business in it, which is the good begin for the SMEs with few knowledge. However, to those SMEs who have strong industry they could consider publishing in the network that has advantages and features in the industry.

For small businessmen who need for electronics papayaOne Ltd.(www.papayaone.com) is their best choice.

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