The World is Flat on Your WordPress

Posted on January 31

You must have seen web sites showing a world map with dots representing visitors from all over the world. Some people use it for decorative purpose and some showing off on its popularity. To us in allQoo it helps our client eshops to grasp a visual idea on where are their visitors coming from. This kind of little maps indeed have been powerfully shifting the sourcing directives of a few of our clients in FMCG (fast moving consumer products).

There quite a few this kind of open source mapping scripts available in the market. We are using FeedJIT for non-wordpress sites and IPCCP (IP City Cluster Plugin) for wordpress ones. This post is giving more details about the IPCCP plugin.

This is a standard desciption of the plugin:

The IP City Cluster Plugin (IPCCP) generates a geographical cluster map based on where from people access you website (or to be precise: based on the IP they got from their provider). It requires a statistics plug-in (that keeps a database or logfile) which keeps track of the IP. Key features include a preview with a lightbox way of zooming, image maps for city names and hit counters for both the preview and zoomed image, template output, smart clustering and user control over color, sizes and such.

Installation is less as straight forward as many other plugins. It needs you to checkin the setup page after activation, and enable writing permission on some files. So do read the readme file in the plugin package.

Here is our IPCCP map for, serving as a screen shot example for the plugin:


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  1. Rosana Coutu
    May 4th, 2010

    Wow wie immer ein super Text. Wenn doch nur alle Blogs so besonders zu lesen wären. Gruß Rosana Coutu